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The Beginning


During his stay in Anheim over a decade earlier, Turos (Sephie's father) had designed a special airship, and Geres (Minister of Anheim) had improved upon the design over the years. Together with the miners and loggers who had befriended Sephie, the craftsmen and artisans of Anheim build this ship, giving it sails with her own special mark. Her mark is her sigil intertwined with Meridian's own crest. The loggers Cotson, Hondell and Daneyn, along with Deren Beq, and some of the miners, join with Sephie as crew aboard her new ship. Crenner of Anheim, still entralled with Sephie's beauty and grace, joins the quest to reclaim Meridian as well.

Breaking the Embargo


Sephie and her crew begin boarding and commandeering Cadadorian ship in true pirate style. Many of the Cadadorian soldiers join with Sephie in her fight, and stay on as crew of the newly acquired ships. Sephie's crusade takes her from island to island, meeting with Ministers and asking them to join in her new vision of trade. Some join, while others bide their time to see who ultimately wins the battle. Some, remembering Ilahn's threats, decisively tell Sephie they will never join with her. A systematic blockade of Cadador begins to form.

Jad Takarty is finally reunited with Sephie and joins with her Pirates. While Sephie and crew are continuing their blockade, Ilahn and Rho Rhustane hold the embargo on Torbel. Torbel is a huge, and mostly artificial island (the largest on Demetria) which is in need of a constant supply of ore to keep it in the air. Without the much needed ore, Torbel begins to plummet into the ocean below. The Pirates of the Wind show up too late, and are held off by the fiercest Cadadorian forces they have yet faced.

Arriving at Torbel, Sephie and her crew works tirelessly to rescue as many people as possible from the failing island. Sephie attempts to use her sigil powers to repair the island, but the damage is beyond even her vast capabilities. In a last ditch effort, Sephie uses her powers to keep the island aloft as long as she can, giving her pirates more opportunity to rescue the Torbelites. Before long, Torbel succumbs to the stress and breaks apart in the air and Sephie's powers fail her. Torbel drops into the deep below with the loss of thousands of lives.

Sephie's Mission of Unity


After defeating Ilahn, and a failed bid to become Minister of Cadador in his stead, Sephie and her Pirates embark on a journey across Demetria to visit every city and village in an effort to break Cadador's stranglehold on trade and commerce. Most islands and land villages are cordial to her and her crew, but most refuse to join her. Many do not believe that Ilahn is really dead, and even if he is, the power of Cadador's army is too great to rebel against. In addition, there are a few who do not see the advantage of breaking from Cadador's network because it has been beneficial to them (at least to the upper and ruling classes).

Sephie and her Pirates of the Wind reach the quiet city of Nescoan in her sunship. Sephie sheds her usual dress and demeanor to better present herself to the Minister of Nescoan. The island prides itself on its etiquette and excellence. Nearly the entire city is a place of peace, with even the "bad" part of town being far better than most of Demetria's other larger cities. While Sephie meets with the city's Minister, Deren Beq and the crew look for a bit of excitement. Not finding their type of people very easily, they are finally directed to the only bar in town with a somewhat rough reputation. They soon find that even this place is a bit to refined and cultured for their tastes. They quickly fix this by instigating a wonderful bar fight, the best this quiet island had ever seen.

Led by Ghetan (an aspect of the ascended Atlantean Danik), Sephie begins a quest to discover the lost city of Sheristan. She comes to believe that she will find answers about herself and her planet which will help her heal the world's wounds and unify its populace. Following the cryptic clues available to them, the crew finally discovers the ruins of Sheristan in an abandoned desert canyon. Finding no one to greet them, indeed no sign of life at all, Sephie decides to explore the city. As she and her crew come in close, and gigantic windstorm of decidedly unnatural causes blows their ship like a straw in a tornado. Sephie struggles to save the ship, but she fails and the ship is destroyed.

After their adventure at Sheristan, Sephie uses her powers to rebuild their ship and they head back to Meridian as they seek to further make enroads against Ilahn. Very soon, Sephie crew must stand back and watch as she is yet again attacked ferociously, this time by a quartet of Sigil-bearers from different worlds, recruited by Ilahn. Sephie successfully defeats the new attackers, and drains Ilahn as well. Ilahn escapes in the hopes of regaining his power.

The remaining Pirates of the Wind watch as Sephie literally flies off into the sunset, ostensibly to fight in the coming war for the fate of the universe against the forces of the Negation.

Note on CrossGen Comics

Meridian was one of the few CrossGen comics titles to come fully to a close before the company went bankrupt and ceased publishing. It is believed that Sephie would have played a major role in the Negation War title if the company had survived. The final fate of the Pirates of the Wind remains unknown.


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