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Adopted into the WE3 program, Pirate was once a household pet rabbit, He is now a cybernetic killing machine, designed for war.


Pirate was created by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely.

Character Evolution

When the Government decides to close the project, and start fresh with new test subjects, his creator Roseanne Berry frees him and his friends, Bandit and Tinker. also Known a Weapons 1 and 2. the Government sees them as to dangerous to be free, and the trio then massacres the agents and military personal sent to retrieve them.

After the Battle Pirate runs a fowl of a Father and Son, out hunting. The father then Shoots pirate in the Head. Prompting Pirates friends to attack the duo. Pirate survives but no longer functions properly. His speech is now clicks and buzzes.

The Government learns of the disaster that was the first battle, and re-leases Weapon 4, a Bull Mastiff dog.

Weapon 4 finds the trio, and is promptly confronted by Pirate, who is quickly and violently murdered by Weapon 4.


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