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Raymond Jones was only fifteen when his teeth started to decay and painfully rot away. Jones and his family was destitute and poverty stricken at the time. His mother just passed away in a factory accident and his father spent all his time and money at the River's Edge Bar. Jones would receive special incisors stitched into his gums without anesthetic. A decade and a half later, he became the man known as Piranha Jones. Piranha Jones hustled his way through various illegal activities to become a wealthy criminal boss and even own a penthouse in the East Side that offered a view of Carl Shurz Park and the East River.


Piranha Jones was created by Don McGregor and George Tuska in 1975 and first appeared in Power Man # 28.


He appeared in Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes as one of Cross's henchmen. His mouth, jaws, and teeth were metallic. He attempted to bite Luke Cage, but his teeth broke and he was quickly defeated.

Jones appears in the second season of the Netflix series, "Luke Cage"


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