Pink Pearl

    Character » Pink Pearl appears in 27 issues.

    A former circus performer, Pink Pearl turned to crime and fought Alpha Flight and Captain America.

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    Pink Pearl was a member of a circus troupe as the "Fat Lady." She had plotted to overthrow the circus and hire her own performers in order to commit acts of terrorism. However, Northstar and Aurora interfered with her plans and eventually defeated Pink Pearl by stabbing her in the chest with a knife. Fortunately for her, she survived due to her fatty tissue cushioning the blow.


    Pink Pearl was created by John Byrne in 1985 and first appeared in Alpha Flight #22.

    Major Story Arcs

    Versus Captain America

    She later received an invitation to join Superia's Femizons, a group of thousands of female villains and criminals. Together with the group, Pink Pearl battled Captain America and Paladin. During the skirmish, Pink Pearl, along with Titania, Frenzy, and Poundcakes, threatened to tear Paladin's limbs off. This was able to distract Captain America, who was then knocked unconscious by Knockout. After Superia was defeated by Captain America, Pink Pearl abandoned the Femizons.

    Pink Pearl chose to turn over a new leaf and end her career in terrorism. She opened up a male strip joint called Cloisters in Canada, which attracted the female members of Alpha Flight. However, Pink Pearl discovered Aurora was present and wanted revenge for their first encounter, where Aurora stabbed her. The women of Alpha Flight were able to beat Pink Pearl, but were then arrested, not having known Pink Pearl was a legitimate businesswoman.

    A Council Of Masters

    Max Fury, the leader of the Shadow Council has assembled a new Masters of Evil in the sovereign nation of Bagalia where Pink Pearl is presently a member. Pink Pearl is present when Max Fury and the Masters of Evil capture John Steele after he attempts to escape Bagalia with the Serpent Crown and the Crown of Thorns.


    Pink Pearl has above-average strength and endurance due to her excess body fat.


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