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The Pink Lady is a magical entity from another dimension connected with the Pink Mink. When exposed to oxygen, the Pink Lady is released. A science facility in Canada manage to capture the Pink Lady, but in turn is captured by the Collector. Wolverine was hired to retrieve the mysterious Pink Mink from the obsessive art collector. Wolverine exposed the Pink Mink to the air and the Pink Lady appeared. Wolverine became obsessed with the Pink Lady after she disappeared in search of fun. During this time, several appearances by those known as Pink Psychos were becoming commonly aware. Rampaging pink people. They all started to amass in Toronto Canada, not coincidentally, as that is where the Pink Lady was being held in capture by Hunter Joe, a man obsessed with hunting mythical beings.

PWith Doop's help, a some bickering between the two over the affections of the Pink Lady, Wolverine rescued the Pink Lady and the next day the Mink had asexually reproduced splitting into two identical minks. Thus Wolverine could complete his job and the Pink Lady was still free to roam the world in search of good times.


Pink Lady was created by Peter Milligan, Darwyn Cooke and J. Bone. Pink Lady first appeared in Wolverine & Doop #1, released in 2003.

Powers and Abilities

Extra dimensional being, the Pink Lay had a variety of powers including teleportation that was accompanied by pink puffs of cloud, not dissimilar to the texture and substance of her overflowing pink hair. Should had limited control over who could observe her, and she seemed to have the ability to turn mutants into pink colored psychos. Pink Lady also had limited hypnotic powers.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 178 lbs

Hair: Pink

Eyes: Red


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