Ping Pong #2

    Ping Pong » Ping Pong #2 - Volume Two released by Viz on September 2020.

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    Things have changed since the last inter-high tournament. Peco has quit the game, and “Smile” Tsukimoto's desire to play is gone. Even “Demon” Sakuma has been kicked off the Kaio team. But Coach Koizumi isn’t going to let all that talent go to waste and launches a plan to get Tsukimoto back on the team and into top condition. Every great athlete needs a great rival to push them past their limits, and Peco and Smile—friends since they were children—must now challenge each other to become the heroes they always dreamed they could be.

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 28: Wishing on a Star
    • Chapter 29: Struggles of Youth
    • Chapter 30: Trials on the Road to Becoming a Her, Part 1
    • Chapter 31: Question 1: What Does Tsukimoto Need Now?
    • Chapter 32: My Coach
    • Chapter 33: Wishing on a Star (Continued)
    • Chapter 34: Do You Understand?
    • Chapter 35: Tricks of the Trade
    • Chapter 36: Spring
    • Chapter 37: Enter the Hero
    • Chapter 38: Let's Play Table Tennis
    • Chapter 39: We Are Ping Pong Players
    • Chapter 40: See You Later
    • Chapter 41: Monster
    • Chapter 42: Smile Monster
    • Chapter 43: A Straw Shows Which Way the Wind Blows
    • Chapter 44: Best Four
    • Chapter 45: A Tale of Hot-Blooded High School Sporting Spirit
    • Chapter 46: Trials on the Road to Becoming a Hero, Part 2
    • Chapter 47: Kazama's Heart
    • Chapter 48: Stars, Moon, and...
    • Chapter 49: Play
    • Chapter 50: Fly
    • Chapter 51: High
    • Chapter 52: 3:30-4:00 PM
    • Chapter 53: Resurrection Drama
    • Chapter 54: Ping Pong
    • Final Chapter: Spring Ends


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    Story Arcs

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