Character » Pilot appears in 7 issues.

    A young man from Dagon's City. Former second in commad of Dagon's Army. Member of the Atlantis Council.

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    A young man from the Ninth Tride of Atlantis, one of the most precarious and underprivileged parts, who decides to follow Ocean Master before the promise that all the outcasts of the kingdom would have a place in the city of Dagon. Little by little, he became one of Orm's main collaborators, and became close friends with Dolphin and Lernaea.

    When Ocean Master, during Mera's nuptial bond with Vulko (which was actually an excuse to establish a democracy throughout Atlantis), attacks the kingdom's own capital. But Dolphin's intervention, explaining the kidnapping of Princess Andy and that All this was for the power struggle, Pilot decides to side with Aquaman and Mera. Thanks to his intervention, Lernaea frees Mera and he rejects Orm himself, since he indicates that all Dagon's demands were about food, medicines and quality of life, never about control or power.

    After these events, and with the establishment of a democracy in Atlantis, Pilot and Dolphin are elected members of the Atlantis Parliament and defenders of the rights of the most disadvantaged.


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