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Pilot comes to Cricket's Glen to seek out Deishun, a fellow Templar, but is turned away. The Rat Army soon comes to destroy the village in search of stray Templars. Pilot attempts to protect the village, but is wounded and left for dead when he meets young Karic, a surviver of the destruction. Karic tells him that he has been declared the Chosen One by the Fish Gods and Pilot decides to train him to live up to the prophecy.

On several occasions Pilot uses black magic to help them in their quest, once to spare Karic from the evil Black Anaius and a second time to split the Field of Gold to allow them to pass through to the Great Ash Tree.

Cassius declares Pilot's true nature to be a liar and a deceiver and to be the one responsible for bringing the rats to Cricket's Glen to begin with. Feeling he has lost his only chance at redemption, Pilot shuns Karic but is quickly taken by a bat. Despite Pilot's lies about a prophecy, The Readers of the Wheat believe Karic has indeed been chosen by Wotan and choose to take him in and train him.

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