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Stealth #1

Writer: Robert Kirkman

Art: Sheldon Mitchell

Cover:   Marc Silvestri

If the Silvestri cover and the #1 on the cover were not enough to get you to pick up this issue and check it out, then I blame your LCS for not displaying this book properly.   This book is part of the Pilot Season popular vote/fans choice contest of sorts that Top Cow started back in 2007.    If your not familiar with the concept here is the brief:   A handful of new titles given one issue to impress people enough to vote for the book to become an ongoing.   Go to ( ) to find out more information about Pilot Season and vote for your favorite title.   (I highly recommend this one.)

I didn’t mention the other name on the cover…Robert Kirkman.   Kirkman has been blazing a trail and gaining in popularity with his work on Walking Dead and Invincible.   He does not fail here.   This story was such a slanted view on super hero life that everybody should at least check it out.   Basically you have an awesome looking super hero with alien technology armor that is humanized in one of the most realistic ways possible.   What would happen if a super hero went senile and had Alzheimer’s disease?   This book is your chance to find out.

The characters in this possible single issue are interesting, their relationships leave you curious and the clincher at the end almost demands that we get more.

Art in the issue suits it well and the scenes change often.   The action sequences are good and the artist captures the pain, remorse, and confusion on the faces of the characters well.

This is a good book with a great concept.   Don’t just pick it up and read it.   Go vote for it.

4 out of 5 Senior Moments    

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