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Major Story Arcs


Moonshadow, a young intergalactic adventurer, first arrives on Pillbox along with his mentor, Lord Gaylord. There Moon finds a happy life along with Mrs. Flimflam, Bettina, and Mr. Dimhoffer in the town of Poof.

The area is rural and pleasant, and the people friendly.

There are larger cities, such as Oik, which is in the Poik province, and is less charming. There, Moon buys his old ship, the Decrepit, from Eloise and Poodleoo Tittletat, so that he can go off and rescue his friend Ira. When he returns, he finds that Gaylord's home has been destroyed, and some of his friends apparently killed. At first it seems like an accident, but later he finds out that Jobidiah Unkshuss did it. Moon leaves in despair, and does not return for many years.

Farewell Moonshadow

When he is middle-aged, Moon finally comes back and starts a tinker shop. He does not tell anyone his name, but eventually he is recognized by Aunt Marigold and Bettina. They marry and live there for many years until tragedy strikes, and his family dies. Moon goes insane and is destitute for many years. Later on he lives in a grey city (perhaps Oik?) and becomes rich, finds his path in life, and eventually dies as an old man, but it is unclear whether his post-family life happens on Pillbox or some other planet.


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