Character » Pilialoha appears in 30 issues.

    Pilialoha resides in Hawaii and is the daughter of the precognitive Master Kamea. She also possess some precognitive abilities of her own.

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    Pilialoha resides in Hawaii with her father, the precognitive Master Kamea. Kamea receives a vision that Malikai and his group, including the fairy named Grace, will soon come to visit them in order to receive teachings in the ways of ancient magic. Pili greets the group when they arrive and shows Malikai the way to her father so that he can begin his lessons. When the group leaves, Pili warns P.J. that a vision has shown her that death will come to a member of their group of adventures, should they continue on their adventure. P.J., however, disregards her warning and the group soon sets sail. Pili next goes to her father in hopes of convincing him to leave the island for she has seen his death as well. When he refuses, she runs off, not wishing to witness his death for a second time.


    Pili has inherited her father's precognitive abilities. She may know some magical skills since her father is one of the Ancient masters of magic, however she does not display any such power. However, she does seem to be aware of how and why magic works.

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