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    A Lilin with teleporting capabilities

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    Pilgrim is one of the most dedicated of Lilith's children. He was the first to come to Lilith after she escaped the Levathian back in Greenland. His main purpose in the Lilin team was to transport his team to various locations.  During the fight with the Midnight Sons,  he was killed by the Lilin version of Daniel Ketch when he made Pilgrim tear a portal through his own stomach.  He would later come back to life and join Lilin, Blackout to kidnap Daniel Ketch's mother.  During the Siege of Darkness he tried to trap Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze, and Vengeance in another realm.  But this failed.  During this time he has an odd relationship with fellow Lilin Nakota.  But his attempted romance is stopped when he is easily defeated by Johnny Blaze and Ghost Rider.  He is then sent back to the Shadow Side Dimension forever trapped.


    Pilgrim can cut a mystical portal in any substance that can late act as a door to to teleport from one location to another. These portals can teleport as many as possible but it can only stay open for a few minutes.

    He also has slashing claws that can hit pretty hard.


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