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Piliai is a member of the alien race of Kosmosians and a member of the Creatures of the Kosmos. It is believed that the Creatures are a sub-species of the Kosmosians and are known to be war-like and extremely aggressive.


Pilai was created by Stan Lee in 1963.


Pilai was a member of the Creatures of the Kosmos, a subspecies of the Kosmosians. However, he was regarded as being one of the worst of them and enslaved them for a time before he was driven from power and exiled for his acts in a dimensional prison.

Many years later, an Earth scientist Vernon Van Dyne inadvertently created a breach in the dimension prison in his attempt to search for extraterrestrial life. Seizing the opportunity, Pilai escaped and rewarded his savior by using his telepathic powers to induce such fear in Van Dyne that he suffered a fatal heart attack.

Vernon's daughter, Janet Van Dyne sought help from a colleague of her father, Hank Pym who was secretly the adventurer known as Ant Man. Instantly smitten with Janet who bore a startling resemblance to his late wife Maria, Hank revealed his secret identity as the Ant Man and offered to give her superpowers to help avenge her father, turning her down on the path to becoming the superhero known as the Wasp.

Upon discovering that Pilai was composed primarily of formic acid, Pym used an antidote to neutralize the acid and apparently destroyed Pilai.

However, Pilai somehow survived and was actually imprisoned as one of the creatures the Stranger`s Lab. Many years later, Quasar encountered Pilai and when the Overmind attacked the Stranger, Pilai was among those who escaped.

His current status and whereabouts are unknown.


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