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    Pike is Redlance and Cutter's Best friend, lover of dreamberries and storyteller of the wolfriders

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    Pike is best friends with Redlance , whose divine talent is the ability to stimulate the growth of plantlife. Redlance brings a seed from the original Holt, which the human shaman burnt down in the very first issue. Pike is glad to know that Redlance also preserved a few dreamberries, which he planted in the desert of Sorrow's End, and patiently cultivated into fruition through the entirety of eQ#5.

    Lover of Dreamberries

    Pike is the greatest supporter of the fireside story. He prefers leisure, and is complaisant in his manner. He is brash; during a skirmish with the Gliders' eight, he is captured quickly. At the fire rings, Pike will eat mouthfuls of dreamberries and begin to tell stories of the former glory of his fellows. Pike does not feel comfortable moving into a new home until it has a dreamberry bush, which was also established in ElfQuest: New Blood #21.

    For Cutter, the regrowing of the father-tree marks the Christening of a new Holt, but for Pike, this occasion is marked by the maturing of the first dreamberry bush.

    Adopted the Go-Backs

    Although he is a fierce defender, named Pike for carrying his spear, he is not the most talented hunter. Pike does not recognise any particular female elf, but plays an enormous role in adopting Krim and Skot from the Go-Backs into the Wolfriders, who are cousin-clans. Skot dies in ElfQuest: Shards, shortly after impregnating Krim, and Pike is there to help raise the elf-child.



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