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Hostess Ad Origin

Pigeon Person plans to steal every statue on American soil with the help of pigeons, but she was stopped by Batman, who let military drop loads of Hostess Cup Cakes to distract the pigeons.


She was recently ret-conned into the DC Universe in Nightwing. She is a criminal who defaces statues along with her protege the Defacer. She and the Defacer were arrested by batman and robin. She is shown to still be in contact with Defacer years after her original arrest.

Later, after getting out of Blackgate, she meets up with Defacer again, and wants to do some cool non-violent civil disobedience-stuff. But Defacer wont go with that, `cause moving a statue to a different location is "theft".

But, she soon changes her mind and comes back to Pigeon, and they both do something. What, remains to be seen in the next ish on Nigthwing.


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