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    Peter Porkchops has incredible strength and his metal hide is almost impregnable.

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    Peter Porkchops was a created by Otto Feuer and starred in Leading Comics from 1947 - 1955, as a mainstay of DC's Funny Animal line. When the funny animal line lost steam he wasn't seen for several decades. Peter Porchops made an appearance at the end of Congo Bill #5 in a PSA about standing up and telling the truth.

    In 1982 Roy Thomas and Scott Shaw tweaked the character significantly and he became "Pig-Iron," the Swine of Steel. He would make his updated debut in New Teen Titans 16.


    When a meteor exploded into 6 fragments and burst the dimensional barrier to Earth -C, one of the fragments struck Peter Porkchops as he worked in a steel factory. Knocked into a vat of molten steel, Peter emerged much bigger and with a body of near indestructible steel. Discovering 5 other animals had similar experiences, Peter joined the group known as Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew.

    During the 'Convergence' event, Pig-Iron sneaks off to support his friend Carrot in fighting his Telos-chosen adversary, Harley Quinn. Pig-Iron is stunned and subdued but as a morale destroyer, Harley makes it seem as if Pig -Iron had been murdered.

    New 52

    In the New 52, Peter Porkchops has been redone yet again. He has now lost the steel body and is a muscular and humanoid pig. He is part of Captain K'Rot's crew on the planet Tolerance in the Tenebrian Dominion. He is second in command of Captain K'Rot's crew just like he was in the Zoo Crew.

    During DC Convergence Pig-Iron was sent from Earth C to help Captain Carrot against Harley Quinn. He was unable to locate Captain Carrot and warn him before he we brought back to his world.

    Powers & Abilities

    As Peter Porkchops the character has no special abilities, but as Pig-Iron the character is super strong, and is invulnerable to most harm. His body is now steel, so he does have to worry about corrosives and rust. As a side effect he usually stays hungry and can (and does) eat most anything.


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