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    Séries principalesdeàRôle
    (Catalogues) Prix Töpffer de la ville de Genève2006
    10 ans histoires d'enfance2008
    4x4 (Les)19972000
    Agence Hardy20012012
    Boîte morte, le vengeur et son double (La)1984
    Canal Choc19901992
    Charlotte et Nancy1987
    Correspondances de Pierre Christin (Les)19972002
    Croisière des oubliés (La)1975
    Cœurs sanglants1988
    Demoiselle de la Légion d'Honneur (La)1980
    Dessine-moi le Bonheur2008
    Diva et le Kriegspiel (La)1981
    En attendant le printemps1978
    En douce, le bonheur1978
    Homme qui fait le tour du monde (L')1994
    Jeune copte, le diamantaire et son boustrophédon (La)1988
    Jour où... (Le)2007
    Lady Polaris1987
    Leçons du professeur Bourremou (Les)1981
    Los Angeles (Christin/Bilal)1984
    Maison du temps qui passe (La)1985
    Message du simple (Le)1994
    Morts sous la Tamise1993
    Mourir au paradis2005
    Mycologue et le caïman (Le)1989
    Nuit des clandestins (La)1992
    Paris sera toujours Paris (?)1981
    Partie de chasse19832013
    Phalanges de l'Ordre Noir (Les)1979
    Pilote (Le journal qui s'amuse à revenir)2017
    Point de fuite pour les braves1986
    Rencontre sur la Transsaharienne2014
    Revue dessinée (La)2014
    Robert Moses2014
    Rumeurs sur le Rouergue1976
    Sixties nostalgia1983
    Sous le ciel d'Atacama2010
    Sultane blanche (La)1996
    Un cercle magique1986
    Vaisseau de pierre (Le)1976
    Valérian (16/22)1979
    Valérian - La collection (Hachette)2017
    Ville qui n'existait pas (La)1977
    Voleurs de villes (Les)1997
    Voyageuse de petite ceinture (La)1985
    Œil du maître (L')1990
    Après le Mur...1990
    Bilal & Christin1989
    Bilal Library20042005
    Caçada (A)1987
    Cidade que não existia (A)1982
    Cruzeiro dos esquecidos (O)1993
    Falanges da Ordem Negra (As)1988
    Incontornáveis de Banda Desenhada (Os)2011
    Lena (en portugais)2021
    Navio de Pedra (O)1990
    Orwell (en portugais)2021
    Tango do desparecido (O)1990
    Valerian and Laureline20102017
    Valérian (en langues étrangères)2004
    Valérian (en portugais)19702011

    Pierre Christin was born in I938 in the suburbs of Paris. Fascinated by the numbers of "Detective" or the illustrated covers of "Radar, the newspaper that was there", he will later defend a thesis on "The news item, literature of the poor". In the meantime, after having started his studies modestly in a complementary course, he went to the Sorbonne and then Sciences Po Paris. Between his activities as a jazz pianist and his first work in journalism, translation and writing, he left for the American West in the 1960s and was as enthusiastic about ranch life as urban highways, science fiction, thrillers or black music at its peak. Even if he always goes back there, he is today a little angry with the USA where social relations have become much too tough for his taste. In I967, he signed with Mézières the first adventure of VALERIAN, without imagining for a moment the future longevity of his hero. It is also the moment that sees his appointment to the University of Bordeaux, where he creates in I968 what will become the school of journalism, of which he is still one of the leaders. At "Pilote", in the 70s and 80s, he wrote for Tardi, Boucq, Vern, and many others - around sixty albums to date - tackling the most diverse genres, matching his convictions and moods to temperament of each one. He reserves his optimistic, even utopian side, for his old friend Mézières, whose narrative clarity and cheerful humor he appreciates. The more serious subjects, nourished by investigations in what is still at the time the communist bloc, he deals with them with Enki Bilal in certain albums which have become great classics of political comics such as "Les Phalanges de l'Ordre Noir" or "Hunting Party". With Annie Goetzinger, it's a completely different sensibility: portraits of women, intrigue and intimacy as in "La Demoiselle de la Légion d'Honneur" (1980) or "Paquebot" (1999). The profession of screenwriter allows him to explore his vocations which have remained fallow: although he considers himself too talkative for the job, he would have liked to be a spy in order to put together full-scale scenarios. Or a naval officer to have plenty of time to read aboard rotten freighters like the ones he borrowed to write "Lady Polaris", a stroll through the ports of Europe published with Mézières in I987. He would also have liked to be an architect, to build all these cities he has told about, such as Los Angeles in "The Forgotten Star by Laurie Bloom" or the still Yugoslav Belgrade in "Bloody Hearts and Other Miscellaneous Facts" with Enki Bilal. In any case, he will have been a consistent traveler, taking advantage of the imposed immobility – waiting in hotels, train stations, airports – to observe, note, store. He is capable of obsessively walking around a city for days on end, taking pictures (rather ugly but effective) which he then distributes to his designers. But wandering in Patagonia or descending the rapids of the Mekong does not scare him (well, not too much). Wearing his indestructible Westons having trodden the North Cape and the Kalahari, he made a first circumnavigation of the globe by the northern hemisphere in I992, a second by the southern hemisphere in I999, journeys that can be found in "L'homme which goes around the world" (with Philippe Aymond). But he still toured Paris much more often on the abandoned rails of the small belt ("La Voyageuse de Petite Ceinture" with A. Goetzinger, I985) and that of the Petite Couronne by bike ("La Bonne Vie" with Max Cabanes, I999). A novelist, he treats both the city adventure in "ZAC" and "Rendez-Vous en Ville" as well as diving deep into the French countryside in "L'Or du Zinc" (1998). He also approaches the theater or the film scenario ("Bunker Palace Hotel" with Enki Bilal in I989). And, without abandoning comics, he has recently published numerous illustrated works exploring other relationships between texts and drawings in the collection in Italian format LES CORRESPONDANCES DE PIERRE CHRISTIN. Collection for which he worked in particular with Patrick Lesueur, Jacques Ferrandez, Jean-Claude Denis, Alexis Lemoine and Enki Bilal. Considering that, to live happily, you have to live a lot but hidden, he would have liked to have a hundred lives in a hundred cities and almost as many identities.


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