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Special Beam Cannon
Special Beam Cannon

Piccolo is the spawn of Piccolo Daimao and was first known at Piccolo Jr. Piccolo was created to avenge Piccolo Daimao. Losing to Son Goku in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, Piccolo went off to train by himself. While training an alien named Raditz came to earth and mistaken Piccolo's energy level for Goku's, Raditz identified himself as being the older brother of Goku. After being clearly outmatched Piccolo went to go to and asked for a partnership. Agreeing, Goku and Piccolo teamed up together. Sacrificing himself, Goku died along with Raditz by Piccolo's energy attack. Raditz revealed that two more Saiyajin were on their way and would avenge him.

With that Piccolo took Son Gohan, Goku's first son, and trained him harshly. During the battle Piccolo saw that Gohan had amazing potential and new that he could be their only chance and survival. Becoming closer to Gohan, Piccolo began to look at Gohan has a son or a little brother. He made a promise that he wouldn't let anything happen to Gohan.

Major Story Arcs

Vegeta and Nappa

Piccolo's Death
Piccolo's Death

When the Saiyajins arrived Piccolo was one of the first on seen and the most powerful of Z-Fighters before Goku arrives. He was the second person on Earth that Raditz met, second only two the Farmer with Shotgun. Deciding that Raditz was far too large of a threat, he joined up with Goku to fight Raditz, incidentally saving Goku's son also. He killed Goku and Raditz at once by shooting the Makankosappo through their chests. He is intrigued with the power Gohan showed during the fight with Raditz and decides to train him. Over the year, he trained and even became friends with Gohan. He put up a great fight when the Saiyans came, proving to be more powerful then Nappa and Vegeta expected cause he had more then doubled in power in one year. In the end, Piccolo jumped in front of Nappa's energy attack to save Gohan's life. This attack killed Piccolo but Goku's soon after arrived and defeated the two Saiyajins.



While fighting the Saiyajin it was revealed that Piccolo and Kami-sama are actually Namekians from the planet Namek. The Z-Fighters traveled to planet Namek so they could wish Piccolo back to life. When the arrived they learned that an alien named Freeza was also after the dragon balls. Piccolo was wished back and arrived on Namek. While on Namek he fused

with a Namekian named Nail. With this increase power Piccolo battled Frieza, completely dominating the fight while Frieza was in his second form. They fought evenly for a period of time, when Freeza unveiled his third transformation, after which he began to dominate over Piccolo. Piccolo had managed to put up a valiant fight against the tyrant, even coming on top in a few instances, but in the end, Freeza had managed to overpower the Namekian, injuring him badly in the process.

Android Saga

When a boy from the Future named Trunks, warned the Z-Fighters about cyborgs coming in two years, Piccolo and the others started preparing. Even with their hard work, the cyborgs were too much for them. Soon another Android named Cell arrived. Realizing they need more time, the Z-Fighters were going to use the Room of Spirit and Time to gain more training. While the others were training, Piccolo fused with Kami-sama. After this fusion, Piccolo had managed to seek out cell and attempted to question him. Cell, however, was reluctant to give him any positive answers, so piccolo took him on a fight. Piccolo was easily outpaced Cell in the battle, actually coming close to defeating him, when Cell tried to absorb Piccolo and almost succeeded. During the resulting quarrel, Cell shows off his mastery of the Kamehameha wave and blows off Piccolo's arm. Piccolo pretends to have given up and ready to submit, asking Cell to tell him about why he is here and how he got here before he would allow Cell to kill him. This was actually a bluff, as Piccolo was just stalling for enough time so his arm would grow back. After hearing out all the information, Piccolo regrew the lost limb and Cell realized that in his

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current state he could not defeat full powered Piccolo and decided to flee.

While everyone else was training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Piccolo was left to protect the Earth from the Androids. The fusion with Kami made exceptionally strong and it is during this time Piccolo becomes the strongest fighter in the Z universe. However, that was short lived. Piccolo takes on #17 when the three androids come to Goku's house looking to kill Goku. The cyborgs are completely taken by surprise that Piccolo's strength is far from what it had been listed as in their data. He matches #17 blow for blow during their fight, seemingly overpowering him and managing to land stronger attacks than the cyborg, but a cyborg never runs out of his Ki, which allows him to keep up. Their fight was interrupted when Cell arrived. Piccolo was defeated while trying to defend the the cyborgs. Cell was later defeated by Gohan.

Buu Saga

When a alien named Majin Buu was about to be brought back, Kaioshin came to stop it and asked for the aid of the Z-Fighters. Piccolo was soon turned to

Piccolo vs Babidi
Piccolo vs Babidi

stone by the demon Dabura. After Dabura was killed by Buu, Piccolo was brought back and asked by Goku to help teach Goten and Trunks to learn the fusion dance. Piccolo was killed when the Planet Earth was destroyed by Buu but was brought back with the others by the Namek Dragonballs.

Dragonball GT

Bebi Saga

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After Bebi is defeated, the people controlled by him gain control of their own self and must get to safety because the planet that Bebi had created was going to eventually explode. Goku manages to get most people out back to Earth, but soon loses his Super Saiyajin 4 form from energy use. Piccolo arrives and gives enough energy to teleport, but only enough to teleport Goku. Goku doesn't know this and teleports without Piccolo and Piccolo is left behind. Piccolo is then ultimately killed in the explosion of the planet.

Super Android 17 Saga

During this saga, Piccolo lives in heaven as all of hell breaks loose into Earth by a portal created between hell Android 17 and #17 on Earth. Piccolo asks Lord Enma if he can go to hell so he can help Goku escape from hell and reenter Earth by the same portal created by the #17s. Lord Enma denies the request, so Piccolo pretends to act like Piccolo Daimao and destroys the landscape around him. Lord Enma is enraged by this and tells Piccolo that he is going to hell. Piccolo is sent to hell to help return to Earth after Goku defeats Cell and Freeza. Piccolo opens the same portal with Dende and at first they mess up, but finally they manage to get the right timing and opens the portal. Piccolo tells Goku to hurry and get out because he couldn't hold for long. Goku thanks Piccolo and goes through the portal. Piccolo then stops the and falls down from fatigue. Piccolo is then left alone in hell and stays there.



When Piccolo was resurrected and teleported to planet Namek, he saw Nail lying down, nearly beaten to death by Frieza. Nail offers to fuse with Piccolo, granting him enough power to battle a second form Frieza.


Piccolo again uses Namekian Fusion to fuse Kami. With Kami being the good side of the ancient Namekian, Piccolo becomes whole and is granted enough powerful to battle the androids.


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Piccolo is one of the strongest characters in the Dragonball Universe, and has a variety of unique abilities that come from hard training and because he is a Namekian.

Namekian Traits: As a Namekian Piccolo has several abilities that humans don't have. He possesses vast amounts of strength, speed, and durability due to his Namekian physiology. Piccolo's ears are good enough where he had hear a conversation from several miles away. Another trait that Namekians have are the ability to expand their bodies, allowing the grow and stretch limbs. One of Piccolo's greatest abilities is his ability to heal rapidly from major wounds done to his body. As long as his head remains intact, Piccolo is said to be able to regenerate. Namekians also don't require food, though they need water and air. Namekians also reproduce without mating by regurgitating an egg.

Training Skills: Piccolo is one of the greatest fighters in the Dragonball Universe through his intense training. Through training, Piccolo has developed the ability to fly and produce energy blasts from almost any point of his body. He also has vast superhuman strength, speed, and reflexes that has come from his intense training. Using his ki Piccolo has developed special moves such has the Special Beam Cannon, Masenko, and others. Another ability Piccolo developed was to make copies of himself, though this divides his powers equal to the number of copies he makes. Piccolo has also shown the ability to make objects appear, such as clothing and swords, this could be magic in orgin.

Superhuman Strength: Piccolo's Namekian physiology grants him vast levels of superhuman physical strength which can be further augmented by using telekinesis. Piccolo has been shown knocking down Android 17 hard enough that a large crater was created by the impact, Piccolo has overwhelmed Imperfect Cell with his physical strength, he has overpowered Android 17 with physical strength, on more than 2 occasions Piccolo has shown to possesses physical strength greater than that of the Androids and he has shattered entire cliffs and large rock formations with his fists. Throughout Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT, Piccolo's physical strength increased to the point that when he was sent to Hell by King Yemma for blasting Heaven, he took control of Hell and created an order to keep the villains at bay. These villains include Bojack, Frieza, Perfect Cell, Cooler etc., which would imply that Piccolo had enough power to keep these villains under his control. Piccolo's current power level is possibly beyond Super Saiyan 2 level and his physical strength allows him to lift in the excess of 1000 tons with no known upper limit. Piccolo can grow even larger in size, which further increases his physical strength.

Superhuman Speed: His Namekian physiology grants him great superhuman speed. Piccolo thinks, reacts and moves at superhuman speeds. Piccolo is constantly said to be one of the fastest Z Fighters of all. Piccolo's superhuman speed apply when he is thinking as he thinks extremely fast, his reflexes and reactions are incredibly rapid as he dodges lightning fast attacks that cannot be seen by the human eye and he moves and flies much faster than any Z Fighter. Piccolo is depicted as flying incredibly fast well over supersonic speed (the speed of sound) and is able to fly at high intense and harsh atmospheric pressures, temperatures and environments. Piccolo is able to move so fast that he is able to leave an after-image of himself behind.


Antenna Blast - A blast of electric energy shot from the anrenna on Piccolo's head. According to video games Piccolo inherited this ability from his father King Piccolo. This move is used to stun an opponent for a followup attack.

Chasing Bullet - Fired in a similar way to the Demon Explosive Wave, but with less power. This attack is capable of homing in on and tracking a target to extreme lengths.

Demon Explosive Wave - Piccolo fires an energy blast from one arm while using the second arm to support it. This is a very damaging attack.

Destructive Wind - A charged air blast attack originally used on Nappa. The advantage of this attack is it is hard to see since it is simply charged air.

Evil Containment Wave - A technique where the user sacrifices his own life force to seal an enemy in a specially prepared container. Piccolo developed a method to reverse this wave and learned how to initiate it once he merged with Kami.

Eye Lasers - A quick fire technique used to injure opponents or cancel energy atatcks. Piccolo inheritied this from King Piccolo.

Flight - Piccolo is able to fly under his own power.

Great Namekian Ability - Piccolo can increase his size and strength to extreme levels. This is a powerful Namekian ability though this makes his weak spots more vulnerable. This was only used to fight Goku in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament.

Hellzone Grenade - A scatter shot technique where Piccolo fires many energy blasts in the general direction of his opponent. After sending numerous energy blasts into the air Piccolo suspends them in mod air around the opponent and then causes them all to hit at once.

Hyper Explosive Demon Wave - Piccolo creates a large explosion with him at the epicenter of the blast in an attempt to destroy everything around him in one final attack. During the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, this was Piccolo's trump card though Goku blocked it.

Light Grenade - Piccolo bring both his hands together in front of his chest and starts to form a yellow energy blast of great power. This attack was only perfected after he fused with Kami.

Magic Materialization - An ability inherited from his father King Piccolo, Piccolo is able to form objects out of thin air. He has been seen recreating his white cloak and hat along with a uniform and sword for Gohan when he started training him.

Masenko - A move where the user places both their hands above their head and fires a energy beam attack that is comparable to the Kamehameha Wave. This move is mostly used by Gohan, but Piccolo is the one who taught him the technique.

Mouth Energy Wave - Piccolo is able to fire a powerful blast from his mouth. This is inhertired from his father King Piccolo.

Multi Form - A technique possibly learned from Tien, Piccolo is able to split his form into multiple beings. Piccolo first used this ability against Nappa. Piccolo usually uses this ability as a form of training so he can fight himself.

Mystic Attack - The Namekian ability to stretch their arms to extreme lengths. Piccolo usually reserves this as a surprise attack.

Scatter Shot - Piccolo fires multiple energy blasts at his opponent in an effort to overwhelm them.

Special Beam Cannon - One of Piccolo's signature attacks, this move was originally developed to kill Goku. Piccolo places two fingers on his forehead and charges the attack. This is a long process, but when Piccolo is finished he fires two beams from his fingertips. One beam is straight while the second curls around the first, drilling through targets and exploding one ones it cannot pierce. Piccolo has stated that this attack moves at the speed of light, making it nearly impossible to dodge. As time has passed, Piccolo has shown to be able to perform the technique within a matter of seconds as his control over it increased.

Telekinesis - Piccolo is able to move objects with his mind.

Telepathy - Piccolo is able to communicate via telepathy.

Alternate Timeline

In the alternate timeline where Goku died of a heart virus and the Z-Fighters were never warned about the Androids eventual attack, Piccolo was the first to fight the Androids and was swiftly killed by Android 17 via a swift kick to the chest. With Piccolo's death Kami perished as well and the Dragon Balls were rendered useless. The only survivor was Gohan who used the pain of seeing his teacher Piccolo die to turn into a Super Saiyan.

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