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    Antonio Rey is a Spanish mutant able to generate a debilitating energy field. He is a member of Euroforce.

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    Marvel Italia

    Atletic and charming, Antonio Rey is a spanish expert in any comunication technology, from old-style radio communication to high level computer hacking.

    Originally a member of the Eurolab, a scientific "on field" division of the Euromind, under the name of Picaro [see below], he is also a mutant, but since his powers cost him great effort, he usually use them only in extreme situation, preferring to use his intellect, skills and charm to overcome problem.

    After the disastrous mission in Malaysia of the Task Force, twin-team of the Eurolab, Picaro and the new formed team Euroforce [formed by Eurolab and survivor of the Task Force] start to investigate the activities of Nadir Inc. and A.I.M., while Euromind declare outlaw all the member of the team.

    After the event of the "Europa" story-line, Picaro and the whole Euroforce have been declared dead, but continue operating as a Cover Team.

    In more than one situation, Picaro have shown little or none concern for his own security risking his life to protect/save his female teammate, Deep Sight and Nuage.

    After M-Day

    Being a mutant, it's highly possible that Picaro lose his powers after the M-Day, even if that have not been proved. Anyway, he dosen't appear in the later incarnation of the team.


    Antonio Ray may emanate an energy field of incredible destructive force, especially effective against living being. He can project that energy field in the form of an energy blast, with enough power to knock down even armored enemies such as Lords of Wars, which technology have been declared "better than that of Iron Man", with a single shot.

    However, using his mutant power is a great effort for Picaro, and he usually can relase only a single burst of energy before becoming too tired. For this reason, he prefer use his power only as his last resort.


    *His battle name, Picaro, came from the spanish culture, and is a world used to describe "a common man who live with is cunning, and adventurer that survive thanks to trick and guile". "Picaro" is a name with meaning similar to "Rogue" or "Gambit"


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