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    Piano is the first born of Demon King Piccolo's "children" after his reawakening at the hand of Emperor Pilaf. Piano is King Piccolo's most valued adviser and confidant.

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    Piano was created by Akira Toriyama in 1988. He first appeared in the 135th chapter of the Dragon Ball manga titled, "The Death of Kuririn (Krillin)." He made his first animated appearance in the 102nd episode of the anime entitled, "Enter King Piccolo." Piano is a Namekian (a race of aliens hailing from the planet Namek), however like all of King Piccolo's children he has a deformed appearance when compared to regular Namekians and is often referred to as a "mutated Namekian," This mutated appearance is generally attributed to him being created by a Namekian with an intensely evil heart.


    After King Piccolo is reawakened by Pilaf, Shu, and Mai he creates two offspring to due his bidding, Piano and Tambourine. Despite the fact that both offspring debut in the same chapter of the manga and the same episode of the Anime, it's generally accepted that Piano was created first. Piano serves in an advisory capacity to Piccolo and assists him with menial tasks while Piccolo waits for the Dragon Balls to be collected so that he can restore his youth. Piano is small and stature and appears overweight. He never participates in combat and it is unknown what his physical capabilities are beyond flight, which he displays briefly.


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