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Photon is the same race as Yondu, an Alpha Centaurian from Centauri IV. Photon has the power to emit deadly beams of pure energy from her eyes, combined with her ability to fly makes her a formidable foe.

Because of her eye beams, she was feared by her tribe and they wished to destroy her. Her father died to save her and she and her mother escaped. Deep in the forest, her mother finally died. Luckily, Interface happened across her and took her as his own. She would become a member of Force with her surrogate father.

During the Quest for the Shield, she came face to face with Yondu, who long believed himself to be the last of his kind. He refused to fight her and told her that they must continue the circle of life together. She refused, having no faith in their religion and no love for her kind.

On their second meeting, Photon was nearly killed by Yondu. She survived the battle and the two would eventually put aside their differences. She was given Yondu's Yaka bow and arrow and began to embrace her heritage.


Photon was created by Jim Valentino in 1990 and first appeared in Guardians Of The Galaxy # 3.


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