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    An astronaut who dons an alien uniform

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    When the Threshold One space station springs a leak, astronauts Stock, Price and Tyler abandon ship.  However, their Polaris shuttle is crippled and crashes in the North Pacific.  Only Ed Tyler survives the crash.  Lying on the ice, he is found by alien creatures and carried to their complex beneath the Arctic.  There, he learns that these extraterrestrials were responsible for mutating apes into humans eons before and have been watching our progress ever since.  Unfortunately, Tyler also learns that they're displeased with the way humankind has turned out and are planning to destroy it. 
    Stealing nuclear power modules and hooking them into an alien spacesuit, Tyler razes the aliens and their base by firing atomic blasts from his hands.  He is called The Phoenix, The Protector.  Afterwards, Tyler visits his wife at their home in Houston, but explains that his ability to do good for humanity must take precedence over their marriage. 


    The atomic circuitry of The Phoenix's suit lets him fly, sense atomic energy in the air, levitate objects, and can contain virtually any kind of energy inside of a force field.


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