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There has been several realities where the Squadron Supreme and/or related characters exists. The following is a list of similar parallel universes to Earth-616. In almost every alternate Supremeverse similar resident superheroes/villains mirror it's most renown reality of Supremeverse the Squadron Supreme. Various realities exist seeming to equate a different ending from one another yet the base concept derives from the Squadron Supreme stories.

List of Supremeverse Earths:

Earth-712, or Earth-S is the reality of the original Squadron Supreme.

Earth-31916 is the Supreme Power reality.

Earth-1121 is a reality where all life was eradicated by nuclear holocaust. Hyperion was the sole survivor.

Earth-4023 is the reality of King Hyperion.

Earth-13034 is a reality that got destroyed, and Hyperion is the only survivor.

Earth-5764 is home reality to a blind Hyperion.


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