Was WPotC holding the 616 Universe in HCT?

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I was at a comic shop/trading card center the other day and something came up. I was discussing with some pals about the Phoenix character and then the topic about White Phoenix came up. We were debating what was the most powerful version. We generally agreed between dark phoenix and white phoenix as either being the most powerful because of holding the universe. But then this man behind the counter said white phoenix isn't even canon to 616 so jean as white phoenix doesn't even have any real feats. This brought up some thoughts:
 Did Jean Grey really hold a Universe in Here Comes Tomorrow?Was it the 616 Universe?Lastly is it a canon event and feat for Jean Grey of 616? 
I used to think I knew what was going on in that story but now I don't know because the guy behind the counter said that "WPotC isn't canon to 616 and so she isn't a canon aspect of Phoenix"

i'm not sure where i was supposed to post this since there are so many phoenix pages so i just put it in general discussion. plus hopefully more people will be able to see it and answer.
Maybe some of you guys can help? I'm thinking more than likely the guy was just starting some pseudo intellectual stuff to sound cool but if what he says is true then i'd like to know. Thanks.

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