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While i havent read the Phoenix Saga or any X-Men books where it appears, outside of the crossover with NTT, so I'm pretty clueless when it comes to the PF. 
But as i read it on its CV profile, the Phoenix Force is sort of a Life Elemental, an embodiment of life in the universe. Wich got me thinking, if PF is the embodiment of life, wont that mean that theres a Death Elemental out there as well? An opposite to what the Phoenix is or is both aspects present in the Phoenix Force? Like fire can both save and destroy. 
However i know the list is long when it comes to people who proclaim themselves the embodiment of death, but has the Phoenix itself ever acknowledged anything as it's opposite?

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Not that I know of, but you raise a good question.
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Wouldn't that also be the Phoenix Force?  Like how she became corrupted by greed & desire into the Dark Phoenix...

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Dark Phoenix aka the great destroyer is the flip side of the regular  life giving Phoenix

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 The Phoenix is the rebirth aspect but for there to be rebirth there needs to be death so I think Phoenix oversees it too. In Mutant X there was the Goblin Force which was described as an anti-Phoenix Force. There is also the entity Death in Marvel, there's Oblivion the personification of entropy, and there's Deathurge which is an agent of Oblivion.

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@xerox-kitty:  Excellent point, but I believe Dark Phoenix still technically achieves Phoenix's objectives and pursues the same ideals, just with the whole 'cleansing flame' approach. It's stated somewhere that the opposite of the Phoenix Force is the Goblin Force, which was most notably seen possessing poor Madelyne Pryor around the time of Inferno.
@PrinceIMC: Oblivion characterizing entropy? I'm probably wrong, but isn't entropy the tendency towards chaos in a system?
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The Phoenix embodies life and death, creation and destruction, the Goblin Force is not canon and does not and has never existed in 616, it has nothing to do with 616 Maddie, 616 Maddie that became the Goblyn Queen was possessed by the Phoenix Force, the part that became Dark Phoenix, it gave her life and powers.

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