Did the phoenix get destroyed/died

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what happened to the phoenix at the end of avx 12???

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Hard to believe that it's dead, it's a part of the cosmic hierarchy, a whole part of the working of the universe. If it is somehow dead it could have bad repercussions for the universe, isn't it necessary for the universe, it's like getting rid of something like death or eternity. The universe will be out of balance now.

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I don't think its dead after all remember when galactus tried to kill it when Rachel was the host? Killing the Phoenix ends all life in the universe since its the cosmic embodiment of it. If anything I think that they sort of gather it and 'redistributed' its power across the globe. Hope showed with the five lights that the phoenix can create mutants (or at least make people into them) so my bet is like you've seen with galactus they just used its powers to recreate the mutant race. Probably means they Phoenix will be like the other cosmic entities now, not really seen and only manifesting itself whenever its needed to make whatever current arc interesting with a cameo (or a jean story) but not dead. If so then it makes it less of a 'oh crap, flying bird of death' the universe fears and more of a rarely seen entity that has that 'non involvement unless it has to too' sort of thing.

Given that its life itself and its small part in the origin of Galatcus (his human self from the previous multiverse) I get the feeling that as long as the Phoenix exists so to does life and vice versa, so long as even one life exists so does the Phoenix.

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i doubt the phoenix was killed if it were then like the person before me said a reporcaustion will happen. i like to believe it became one with the earth and became the source of alll mutants or soemthing like that. anyway jean proboly knew it would happen and she is white phoenix so long as white phoenix exists the universe will be more or less fine. and if the phoenix did die then maybe the living tribunal will come and restore it or maybe something else would happen . however while i like the phoenix force itso n my top facv.i malso glad that is is released ofthe torment it has indured maybe now it can find peace.but i doubt it is gone for good . axample proteus . another axample scarlet witchsaying no more mutants mutant energy goes to space .

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Like Marvel would really let it die, they'll probably use it again in another couple years.

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It didn't die. It's power/energy was just disbursed. It will come back when it wants to. 

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Not destroyed just no more phoenix as they said

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yeah probably didn't die since it pretty much is life but do you think the phoenix problem is over? or will it return i think it will.

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I smell the makings of another event revolving around The Phoenix force...

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Go go Phoenix Rangers, you mighty morphin' Phoenix Rannnnngerrs!

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that is funny cause i'm watching power rangers :/

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No more Phoenix.

Sounds pretty much end of the line to me. I'm glad Marvel "killed" it. Better destroyed than have to go through the crap it did the last few months. Even if it was indestructible. And meaning of life/death and ultimately rebirth. It's no more. So sayeth Jean-Lite and Mrs. Unstable.

Oh -- what was that Marvel? Continuity isn't allowed to come out and play? Years and years of development and one of the most spectacular events like the Dark Phoenix is to be ignored and not referenced to?

Oh. Okay then.

I'll just take continuity's ball and go home then,

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its not dead... the phoenix force other then galactus were the first living essences that entered the current universe through means of the big bang..... read up on galactus....... the phoenix is jean grey... as long as a jean grey is alive then so will the phoenix force.....

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The omnipotent power of the creative team just sent it into comic limbo until another writer takes over down the road and inevitably digs it up again.

This is Marvel, the repercussions of the event will be rewritten or forgotten in like a year or two tops anyways.

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im guessing jean has to start collecting all over again oh well shes not coming back for another 30 decades sorry guys lol

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@kiss_lamia: she cant reform there is nothing t reform from also i think she knew what would happen to the 616 forcce as her actions suggest so and also she is the hite phoenix fo she can apear just not the 616 force.

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@Dernman said:

It didn't die. It's power/energy was just disbursed. It will come back when it wants to.
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no.. the PF still exist.. the PF is both life and death.. as it has always been described and as Tony Stark described during AvX, the PF was "born" in the void states of being, in that moment in time between the void and creation.. the PF is the source of life and also of death and the prime instigator of rebirth.. no one can truly "erase" it without dire implications and consequences in the universe/multiverse.. imo, what Wanda and Hope erased was the "Phoenix".. to those who doesn't understand the true history of the PF, its true form is a force.. a force of life, death and creation.. it wasn't until Feron coaxed the force to take on the firebird form it is usually depicted today, which is apparently made out of pure energy.. imho, what Wanda and Hope did is to "erase" that manifestation of the Phoenix, nothing more.. the fact is, the PF, or more likely, the "force" itself still exist along side Jean Grey who is its true and rightful owner merged as the White Phoenix of the Crown..

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@bronze_surfer: yes.. that is indeed Death.. what i was referring to is that the PF in the improbable conundrum of both life and death.. like as stated here:

No Caption Provided

Death its personification of mortality.. the PF is the embodiment of these opposing forces.. of both life and death.. and ultimately, of resurrection..

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@lord_oraculous016: Oh Ok. So two more questions.

A What is Psionic Energy and

B Can a Phoenix merge with a non mutant.

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