Phoenix Blade

    Object » Phoenix Blade appears in 55 issues.

    The Phoenix Blade contains a portion of the Phoenix Force within it and grants its wielder immeasurable power.

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    The Phoenix Blade was originally wielded by Rook'shir, the Shi'ar Empire's dirty secret. Rook'shir was the wielder of the Phoenix Force. Once he was hunted down and killed by the first Imperial Imperial Guard, his sword was confiscated by the Empire. But an infinitesimal piece of the Phoenix Force somehow remained within the sword. The sword can only be wielded by Rook'shir's blood heirs and Korvus Rook'shir is the current wielder. For mysterious circumstances, the Phoenix Blade recently lost the essence of the Phoenix Force. It is now no more than a regular sword, although Korvus still wields it with pride.


    While in it original state the blade could channel the entire might of the Phoenix Force, allowing it to cut through all form of matter and produce a large explosion while doing this its power was diminished once the Phoenix Force left its host, however a portion of it survived. With this portion the blade constantly glows blue and has the power to cut through many materials yet not the same level it once could, as shown no one else other than the descendants of Rook'shir can hold the blade and even Polaris while trying to lift the blade with her powers was repealed back.


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