Phoenix 1,000,000 BC

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    A cave woman who became the host body for the Phoenix Force.

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    This Phoenix host was abandoned as a baby for her unusual red hair by her tribe. She was found by wolves, who did their best to raise her, but she was eventually found by The Tribe Without Fear, a primitive group of mutants, who dubbed her "Firehair." When her psychic mutant ability began to emerge, they were found by the tribe that had abandoned them. She was overwhelmed by their feelings of hate and could not help her new tribe fight them off. She was the only survivor and, out of guilt, returned to the spot where she was abandoned to finally die. Only, she was possessed by The Phoenix Force . Its appetite for destroying worlds almost took her over, but the memory of the wolves that saved her stayed her hand.


    Firehair first appeared in Marvel Legacy #1 as a member of the Avengers 1,000,000 BC, a major player in Jason Aaron's Avengers plans for Marvel's oldest heroic mantles.

    Major Story Arcs

    Avengers 1,000,000 BC

    She became friends, and later lovers, with a young Odin and the two fought cosmic threats together. He was the first warrior she sought out for her team of champions to defend the mortals of Earth from a Celestial, named Zgreb, who was simply looking for a Celestial that landed on Earth before any of these Avengers were even born.

    She would lead the team on many battles, including ones against: the first Moon Knight, a young Thanos, and an army combined of Frost Giants and Negative Zone insects. They would disband after Black Panther's death at the hands of the Frost Giants, only to reunite when the son of Odin, Thor, was being born.

    Birth of Thor

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    Although Firehair loved Odin for many years during their adventures, Odin's growing cynicism towards his mortal subjects soured Firehair on their romance. After years apart, she approached Gaea to convince her to give Odin a chance and have a child. Firehair intended the child to have the power of Odin but the heart of Gaea. Gaea reluctantly agreed but also pledged that if she was to bear Odin's child that Firehair would be just as much his mother as she was.

    Firehair would disappear again for years only to return and protect the the birth of the child, Thor, from invading Frost Giants. Laufey was able to knick the newborn Thor with his sword, which caused Thor to start freezing. Firehair flew him up away from people and heated the magic frost out of the new god, ensuring that Earth will have the champion it deserves.

    The God Quarry

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    Sensing Thor was in trouble, Firehair travelled across time and space to enter The God Quarry. It was the end of existence where Avengers Prime, a sorcerer supreme variant of Loki, had assembled Avengers from across the multiverse, including members of Firehair's old team, to defend it against a giant Mephisto and an army of Doctor Doom variants.

    An army of Dooms wanted to take control of Loki's Avengers Tower, but Mephisto wanted to break through the barrier of the quarry to the raw energy leftover by the previous cosmos. Firehair joined Echo and Old Man Phoenix (a variant of Wolverine) to hold back the flood of power until Robbie Reyes could re-seal the hole from the other side.

    With the day saved, many of the multiversal Avengers were left homeless. Brandy and Firehair agreed that combining the Phoenix Force and the Star Brand together could resurrect these lost worlds as they had done when Coulson tried re-writing Earth-616. Doing so caused both of them to make the ultimate sacrifice.


    Mutant Intellect: Firehair seemingly had an intelligence that was relatively larger than most of her species.

    Mutant Ability: Firehair is a low level telepath, telekinetic, and pyrokinetic.

    Phoenix Force: While bonded to the Phoenix Force, her mutant abilities are enhanced exponentially. She also has cosmic pyrokinesis that allows her to generate fire in the void of space and fly at an immense speed.


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