Phoebe Halliwell

    Character » Phoebe Halliwell appears in 42 issues.

    Originally the youngest of the Charmed Ones, now the middle sister.

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    The youngest daughter of Patricia Halliwell and Victor Bennett, Phoebe makes up a third of the Charmed Ones along with her elder sisters Prue and Piper, though the trio was unaware of this in their early lives. After the death of their mother the girls were brought up by their grandmother, Penelope Halliwell. Phoebe and her sister Prue fell out after Prue's fiancé came onto Phoebe. At some point Phoebe left her family in California to live in New York City, only returning to her familial home in San Francisco following the death of her grandmother. She and her sisters discovered the Book of Shadows, which revealed their heritage and activated their magical powers. Phoebe and her sisters embrace their collective destiny to fight evil and protect the innocent with their powers.


    Phoebe was created by Constance M Burge 

    Major Story Arcs


    For three years Phoebe and her sisters fight demons, succubi, warlocks and other magical evils. In their third year Piper is killed in a confrontation, and Phoebe makes a deal with The Source of All Evil to reverse Piper's death, which ultimately results in Prue dying instead. After Prue's death, Phoebe and Piper are joined by their hitherto unknown younger half-sister Paige, who completes the Charmed Ones trio, and the three continue to fight magical evils.  

    The Source

    Phoebe, like her sisters, settles into a more domestic life. She and Coop have a child together, a daughter named Prue. Following the death of the first innocent they ever saved, Phoebe has a premonition that all the other people that they have saved over the years are once again in danger. Around this time she also suddenly regains her empathic abilities. The sisters find that they must come out of their semi-retirement to confront evil again, eventually coming under attack from The Source, who has been resurrected. They manage to defeat him. 


    Phoebe deals with the possibility of a decade-old premonition coming true, one in which she uses her empathy to kill Cal Greene in revenge. She is able to prevent this potential future by joining forces with her editor, Elise, who supports her in driving Greene to giving a confession. Later, Piper is accidentally sent to another dimension, and during rescue efforts Phoebe and Paige uncover the fact that Neena, the current ruler of the Underworld, is the powerful First Witch. The sisters reunite, and using their combined powers as well as those of their ancestors, manage to defeat Neena and her army.   


    Phoebe and Piper are reunited with Prue, who is revealed to be inhabiting the body of a Salem-based witch named Patience. The reunion is joyful but brief due to Prue's negative impact on the current Power of Three's power structure.  

    Powers and Abilities

    As a witch, Phoebe is capable of a variety of magical skills, including spell casting, potion making, and scrying. She can wield these magical powers to a variety of effects. As a member of the Charmed Ones, she is capable of premonition, levitation, and empathy. Notably, her premonitions bear psychometric underpinnings in that she must be near an object related to the premonition to trigger it, though they are under her conscious control; visions can be precognitive or retrocognitive. She can interact physically with her visions. She is a capable pickpocket, and a skilled hand-to-hand fighter.    

    Other Media


    Charmed Novels  
    Phoebe appears in a number of the Charmed novels, which are generally viewed as non-canon in regards to the series, and thus with the comics as well. 


    Phoebe was originally created for the Charmed television series. She appears in all eight seasons of the show, making her first appearance in the episode "Something Wicca This Way Comes". She is portrayed by Alyssa Milano. 

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