Phillip Moreau

    Character » Phillip Moreau appears in 135 issues.

    Son of the Genegineer, who fled Genosha to save his girlfriend, Jenny Ransome.

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    Brief History

    Phillip is the son of David Moreau, also known as the Genegineer, who was the scientist responsible for enslaving the mutants of Genosha. David also activated the latent x-genes of numerous citizens, making them mutates also suitable for enslavement. One of these mutates was Jenny Ransome, Phillip's girlfriend. Rather than let his girlfriend be enslaved, Phillip turned on his father and the Genoshan government, fleeing to the US where he vocally opposed Genosha and its practices.

    Jenny was later recaptured, along with Madelyne Pryor, by the Magistrates and the Press Gang. Phillip went with the X-men to rescue them both, but not before Jenny's latent powers were activated.


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