Phillip McIntosh

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    Descendant of the maroons and father of Drew McIntosh

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    Jamaican born Phillip Mcintosh was a direct descendant of the Jamaican Maroons. As he grew up he excelled in academia which lead him to enrollment in the university of the west indies. There he studies lead him to field work requiring him to venture into the forbidden cockpit country. He loved it so much he lived there for two years and became like a son to leader, Cudjo .
    He even Wed a maroon woman named Beneba who became pregnant with his child. Some undisclosed tragedy occurred however and he lost both.
    His studies then took him to San Fransisco state university where he did a masters and later a doctorate. He met and wet zoologist Maria and years later his son Drew was born.
    The life of a maroon constantly called out to him however and it often strained the normal life he tried to create for his son Drew. The last known expedition he had was at the behest of  Cudjo  to investigate some mysterious killing happening in the cockpit country, his wife and son accompanied him and there family was never the same again.


     Known Relatives: The Maroons (ancestors, deceased), Parents (Unknown), Maria McIntosh(Wife), Drew McIntosh ( Son), Beneba (1st wife, deceased), Cuffee (son, status unknown)
    Citizenshp: Jamaican citizenship  
    Place of Birth:  Unrevealed
    Marital Status: married to Maria
    Occupation: Cultural anthropologist,


     Gender: Male  
    Height: 6' 
    Weight: 200 lbs 
    Eyes: Brown,
    Hair: Dark Brown


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