Phillip Carlisle

    Character » Phillip Carlisle appears in 22 issues.

    Phillip Carlisle is the step father of Tandy Bowen, the superhero better known as Dagger.

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    Brief History

    In contrast to Dagger's mother, Phillip was very keen of his stepdaughter.  Phillip had married Tandy's mother, but they where complete opposites in almost every way. While his wife was non-caring about her daughter and only interested in money, Phillip was caring, and wanted nothing but the best for his stepdaughter.
    Phillip even came looking for Tandy when she first ran away from home. When he found her something horrible had happened. 
    Tandy was captured by a drugs-mob whom gave her and another boy named Tyrone an experimental drug witch led to the events of Tandy becoming the super-powered Dagger. She and Tyrone had become "Cloak and Dagger".
    Phillip tried to help Tandy out as much as he could after that. He tried to give her back a normal life, but most of the time, it did not work. 
    With their strange new powers, Tandy was not fit for a normal life anymore, however much Phillip wanted it for her.

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