Philippe Bazin

    Character » Philippe Bazin appears in 22 issues.

    A New York mob boss with strong interests in collecting magical artifacts.

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    Brief History

    Philippe Bazin is a mob boss based out of Queens, New York. He is a powerful crime boss who made a deal with Hobgoblin to find the Darkhawk Amulet that ended up in Chris Powell’s possession, later turning him into the hero Darkhawk. He eventually determines that Darkhawk’s amulet is the artifact of power and tricks Hobgoblin into thinking that Darkhawk and his amulet are nothing more than an Iron Man battle-suit so that he would fight him, because Bazin wanted the power of the amulet for himself.

    Chris Powell's family had close connections to Bazin; Mike Powell was an ex-cop that was caught up in payoffs that he tried to redeem himself from taking; Grace Powell was an attorney who constantly fought in trials to bring Bazin down.

    At one point Mike and Philippe had "killed" each other, but in good old comic's fashion both were taken away and stabilized. Mike Powell eventually escapes but Bazin is left in a coma-like state.


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