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    Phase was a 20th-century duplicate of the 30th-century heroine Phantom Girl, and a member of L.E.G.I.O.N.

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    In the first reboot (Earth-247) continuity of the 30th century Legion of Super-Heroes, the Legionnaire Phantom Girl (Tinya Wazzo) was born half-Carggite (Triplicate Girl's race), which gave her the ability to split into three separate but identical bodies at birth. She also inherited the ability to phase through solid objects from her Bgztlian mother, Winema, who never knew that Tinya's father was a Carggite and therefore had no idea that Tinya could triplicate. Tinya's father, having lost enormous assets due to mounting gambling debts, secretly decided to make use of his infant daughter's other two bodies in order to pay off his debts. He sold two of them to the mysterious entities known as the Luck Lords. One of Tinya's bodies was then sold into slavery and her fate has never been revealed. The other, who later became known as Enya Wazzo a.k.a. Phase, was sent a thousand years back in time to the 20th century.


    Phase was created in 1989 by writers Keith Giffen and Alan Grant and artist Barry Kitson and first appeared in L.E.G.I.O.N. #9. It was initially thought that Phase was actually Phantom Girl herself, thrown back in time after seemingly dying in a starship explosion in the 30th century (hence the title of her first appearance issue being called "Second Chances"). However, after Legion continuity was completely rebooted with Zero Hour, Phase's origin was retconned so that she became a duplicate of Tinya, rather than Tinya herself.

    Character Evolution

    Enya suddenly appeared in the midst of the headquarters of L.E.G.I.O.N. , an intergalactic police force. She was already an adult but had no idea who she was, where she was from, or how she had gotten there. After some initial confusion, she befriended the L.E.G.I.O.N. and joined them as an official member, taking the code name Phase. Her phasing ability proved to be a great asset to the force and she swiftly rose through their ranks. Over time, she came to view her teammates as her only family.

    Major Story Arcs

    Reunion with Tinya

    Phase's existence in the 20th century only lasted several years, due to her strange origins. In the 30th century, Phantom Girl eventually learned of her Carggite heritage and that she had a duplicate body lost somewhere in the past, and set out to find it. She traveled back in time to the 20th century and finally located Phase, her long-lost duplicate body. Upon encountering each other, they merged into one being and departed forever back to the 30th century.


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