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Not a lot is known of the Phantom Ranger (Special Black Ranger) beside he comes from another planet. Voiced by Alex Dodd, Phantom Ranger proved himself to be a ally to the Turbo Rangers. During a battle with General Havoc, the Turbo Rangers had lost their Turbozords to him. However, with assistance from the Phantom Ranger, the Turbo Rangers gained the Rescuezords. Later Divatox had kidnapped the Phantom Ranger taking his power ruby from him. The Rangers later Rescue him and return his ruby to him. Afterward the Phantom Ranger left Earth in trusting the Turbo Rangers.

In Other Media

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars (2017)

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The Phantom Ranger makes an appearance as a legendary attack type leader and support character. Phantom Ranger became available to play on Febuary 19th, 2018.

Game Bio: Phantom Ranger travels the galaxy in his spaceship, helping those in need. No one knows the true identity of this mysterious Ranger but with his Power Ruby and high-tech camouflage, he’s ready always ready and able to lend the Power Rangers a hand.


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