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Phantom of the Sewers in The Demon #8
Phantom of the Sewers in The Demon #8

The Phantom of the sewers first appeared in The Demon Vol. 1 #8 (1973), he was created by Jack Kirby as a tribute to the Phantom of the Opera.

Farley Fairfax, a talented actor and musician became the Phantom of the Sewers when his beloved Galatea disfigured him and stole his soul with sorcery. He made a life in the sewers and over the years stole mystical objects to bring life to a statue of Galatea.

He stole Merlin's sword from Jason Blood but Etrigan pursued him. He was forced to give up the sword and flee. Then he kidnapped Glenda Mark, a friend of Blood who bares an uncanny resemblance to Galatea. Eventually, The Demon came up and summoned the spirit of Galatea in the body of Glenda. Galatea returned the soul of the Phantom who rapidly recovered all his lost years without soul and died of heart failure.


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After losing his soul, the Phantom of the Sewers gained super strength, super speed, and a few magical abilities that kept him from aging.

Other Media


Justice League

Phantom of the Sewers in Justice League
Phantom of the Sewers in Justice League

The Pantom of the Sewers made a cameo appearence in the Justice league animated series episode ''A knight of Shadows Part 1''.

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