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    Linnya Wazzo is the 21st century Phantom Girl from the planet Bgztl. After being rescued from the Dark Multiverse, she becomes a member of the Terrifics.

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    Linnya Wazzo is the second person to wear the mantle /21st century version of Phantom girl. Linnya was created by Jeff Lemire and Ivan Reis. She made her debut in The Terrifics issue #1, February 2018.


    Linnya is from planet Bgztl. When she was a little girl, she was on a vacation with her parents. They were heading to Bismoll, when their ship suddenly entered a space storm and a rift appeared. They were on the brink of being sucked into it, but her dad put her in a pod which would save her life. Unfortunately, her father miscalculated and it was in fact Linnya that was sucked into the rift whereas her parents pulled free. Linnya could turn intangible, but for reasons yet known she couldn’t turn tangible after a while and was stuck in her phantom form for years.

    Major Story Arcs

    Meet The Terrifics

    Linnya met, or rather, stumbled upon her soon-to-be team members (which consists of Linnya, Mr. Terrific, Metamorpho and Plastic Man) on a planet in the Dark Multiverse. Rex volunteered to help Simon Stagg to go through the portal to check it out. However, this blew in their faces since it opened a portal to the Dark Multiverse. Mr. Terrific called Plastic Man for backup. The three of them landed on the planet where Linnya had been living at since became intangible. Mr. Terrific and the rest of the team helped her and together they found their way back to Earth. Once she was on earth, she could turn tangible, yet it didn’t last long. According to Mr. Terrific, the fact that she resided in the Dark Multiverse must have drastically altered her powers, therefore she can’t turn tangible without subjects around her exploding. On top of all this, she can’t leave (maxmimum of one mile apart from each other) Mr. Terrific, Metamorpho and Plastic Man without exploding in flash of dark energy.


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