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    A powerful mutant with the ability to manipulate electromagnetic fields, Phantazia was most often seen with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. She was among the majority of mutants who lost their powers after M-Day.

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    Phantazia was first seen as an invite to Toad's lineup of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.


    Phantazia was created by Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld, and first appeared in X-Force #6, January 1992.

    Major Story Arcs

    During her early missions with The Brotherhood, she demonstrated excellent use and control of her electromagnetic field control during a fight with X-Force. Within moments, she had found the team's secluded base of operations, disabled Cable's weapons, and turned off the blast shield surrounding Cannonball, opening him up to an attack from Sauron. However, Phantazia fled the bunker once Thornn was beaten, leaving Masque behind to apparently meet his end at the hands of Shatterstar.

    Phantazia would stay with the Brotherhood despite the loss, and would go on to be a foe to many notable teams and persons, such as Spiderman, Darkhawk, and Sleepwalker. She would gain a reputation as a powerful mutant, which would eventually lead to her being invited to Avalon to serve with the Acolytes. She, however, would not accept, instead opting to relocate to an island sanctuary with the Brotherhood. The island, lead by a mutant named Empyrean, was a place where those suffering from the Legacy Virus could be free of their pain. Pyro, a fellow Brotherhood member, was the primary reason for the relocation, as he was dying from the virus at this point in time. She would have one final confrontation with the X-Men, but she was badly wounded when Psylocke stabbed her in the head with her psychic sword. Eileen would recover, but the Brotherhood would break up, with everyone going their separate ways.

    During the events of the House of M, Phantazia was seen as a member of Magneto's Elite Guard, and fought in the final fight of the mini-series. When the Scarlet Witch depowered most of the world's population of mutants, Phantazia was affected and lost her powers. She was one of the few people to remember the House of M, but the trauma of shifting realities left her in a partial catatonic state. S.H.I.E.L.D. has taken responsibility for her care and rehabilitation, but she continues to mutter "House of M" to herself in her cell over and over again.

    After the creation of the nation of Krakoa, Phantazia was one of the many mutants that recovered her powers through the Cruccible. She ended leaving the nation of Krakoa and moved to the Limbo Embassy, her reasons are unknown.

    Powers and Abilities

    Phantazia's mutation granted her the ability to sense, manipulate, and disrupt electromagnetic energy fields in her environment, allowing for a wide range of effects. She referred to her power as "harmonizing". When used on electronic systems and computerized weapons, she could short them out completely or interact with them to control their functions to a limited degree. She could also disrupt or interact with the bioelectric fields of living beings, causing pain and paralysis and a loss of muscle control and coordination. When directed on a super powered human, Phantazia's disruptive ability could cause their powers to fluctuate, resulting in a loss of control or total power dampening. She could generate a masking effect with her power, rendering herself and others undetectable to electronic surveillance systems and the physical senses ot others. She could also use her power to levitate by creating a localized anti-gravity field around herself,

    Phantazia's power allowed her to sense energy fluctuations in her immediate environment, such as hidden electronics or the atmospheric distortion preceding a teleportation effect. The upper limits of her powers were never clearly defined.

    After M-Day, Phantazia was depowered and lost her mutation.

    Alternate Versions

    Phantazia was seen as part of Magneto's elite guard. Phantazia was one of but a few people to remember the events of House of M, although this presumably led to her partial catatonic state.

    Age of apocalypse

    Begging for mercy
    Begging for mercy

    She was a mutant held in the Breeding Pens by Apocalypse and Dark Beast. Along with fellow captives Artemis, Avalanche,Pyro, and Newt, she tried to escape, only to be recaptured by Aurora, one of the Elite mutant forces. She did not fight her and begged to be eliminated rather than returning to Breeding Pens. She was then allegedly turned into protoplasmic soup by Dark Beast in order to create more Infinites soldiers for Apocalypse.

    She is shown bald with multiple scars over her body. Dark Beast experimented on her, leaving her exhausted and unable to use her mutant powers.

    X-Men '92

    In X-Men '92: House of XCII (2022), Phantazia appears as a citizen of Krakoa, when Nimrod killed some mutants.


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