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    Lost colony of Kryptonians who were enslaved by Mongul.

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    Thousands of years ago a group of Kryptonians the ancestors of the Phaelosians were exiled from Krypton and after many generations of isolation the 2 groups forgot about each other's existence. The Phaelosians eventually settled a planet of their own, where they lived in harmony with nature, until they were attacked and conquered by Mongul's Warworld.

    The Phaelosians were assimilated to the culture of Warworld, particularly “wearing iron” (chains). However, many of them secretly revered Superman the Man steel and the sworn enemy of their enslaver Mongul, and believed that one day he would free them. Many secretly wore the S shield as a symbol of hope. When Mongul was informed of The Phaelosians admiration of the man of steel he began to tortured them by burning them with branding irons shaped like the S-shield.

    Superman eventually became aware of the Phaelosian struggle thanks to a young Phaelosian women named Thao-La which was part of Monguls plan. despite the warning of both Batman and Jon Kent it was probably a trap, Superman resolved to rescue the Phaelosians from Warworld and gathered his newly form The Authority team to rescue the Phaelosians form Monguls tyranny


    Like other Kryptonians and Daxamites Phaelosians also gain near identical superpowers when living under a yellow sun the only difference being that they have blue heat vision instead of red like Kryptonians have. Phaelosians can absorb and process energy from a mysterious material known as "Genesis" as a substitute for yellow sunlight to fuel their powers.


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