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Brief History

Phaeder was once an Inhuman geneticist. Approximately a century ago, Phaeder was exiled from Attilan for daring to suggest the possibility of cloning. Agon, father of Black Bolt, was part of the Inhuman council of genetics that exiled him. Phaeder then cloned himself, and slew the clone, to cover his tracks as he left his home.

Phaeder took up residence with the Deviants in Lemuria, where he mated with a Deviant named Morga who gave birth to Maelstrom. When Maelstrom's paternity was discovered, Morga was put to death, and Maelstrom was put in the Deviants's slave pits. Eventually, Phaeder rescued Maelstrom and brought him back to his secret laboratory in the ruins of Attilan. Together they took Phaeder's research even farther. They perfected a technique for cheating death by transferring one's mind to a cloned body, a technique utilized multiple times by the Red Skull.

Eventually Phaeder grew too old and decrepit to survive a soul transfer. Maelstrom tended to him while carrying out his own research. After Maelstrom's agents stole technology from the Inhumans, their base was invaded by the Thing, Black Bolt and others. Unable to escape, Maelstrom ordered Deathurge to slay both himself and his comatose father. Maelstrom survived by transferring to a new body, but Phaeder died his final death.


Phaeder doesn't possess any powers but is a gifted geneticist.


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