Character » P'Gell appears in 56 issues.

    One of The Spirit's most recurrent and famous foes. A French femme fatale and a black widow who has married several times.

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    The woman known as P'Gell was a young French socialite who loved a doctor who worked in third world countries. After the doctor was murdered on the job, the devastated and disillusioned P'Gell turned to a life of crime. She used her beauty and feminine allure to seduce and marry a succession of wealthy and influential men, but her marriages never lasted long. Her husbands always died under mysterious circumstances, and P'Gell then used the inherited wealth to build herself a growing criminal empire based in Istanbul.


    P'Gell was created by famed cartoonist Will Eisner in 1946. She quickly became the most prominent femme fatale in the Spirit's rogue's gallery.

    Character Evolution

    P'Gell's criminal ambitions were eventually opposed by the crime-fighting hero, the Spirit. P'Gell became obsessed with corrupting the Spirit, and constantly but unsuccessfully tried to seduce him into a life of crime by her side.

    Popular Recognition

    P'Gell was ranked 52nd in Comics Buyer's Guide's 100 Sexiest Women in Comics list.


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