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Major Story Arcs

A young member of Mineans, she had a vision about the Dayak Pages, and believing them to be prophecies, she came to the earthly plane to gather them. With a near-complete set of the Pages, Petra collapsed, but was found by Dr. Andromeda Weaver and Lt. Lucien Barnes, who her to their Russian-funded laboratory facility. Lucien was going to report this "find" (a winged girl) to Grigorieff, but was knocked unconscious by Andromeda with a fire extinguisher.

Andromeda escaped with Petra, pursued by Lucien (with the pages) and Grigorieff. Shortly discovered and attacked by the Dayaks, Lucien changing caught up with them, fought off the Dayaks, started to attack Dr. Weaver and Petra, then collapsed. Andromeda, directed by Petra, drove the three of them to an abandoned ruin where the fabric between worlds was thin, and just as Grigorieff's people and the Dayaks caught up with them, teleported them to her home, the world of the Mineans. A couple of the Pages were dropped, to be retrieved by Grigorieff.

There, despite the outrage of Marucs, Lord Sophocles explained the history of the war between the Mineans and the Dayaks to a changed Lucien and Andromeda, also under partial-influence of the Pages.

Soon she again received visions of missing pages, and she returned to earth. But the visions were planted by her enemies the Dayaks. Petra was captured by Grigorieff, and she was tortured for the location of her people. She didn't break, and was fortunately saved by Andromeda and Lucien. But Grigorieff managed to turn Andromeda evil by mind manipulation, Petra and Lucien were again captured. They were taken to Dayaks stronghold. They managed to convince Andromeda to fight against the evil, and she regained herself. Petra and others were freed just when Voivodul attacked Mineans. Lucien managed to beat him and end the war. Petra being the daughter to slain king was selected as a new ruler. Having learned that Andromeda was the one who killed her father when she was evil banished then from Minean. Petra now a new leader of her people struggled to do the right things. It didn't help that her adviser plotted to overthrow her. Finally by slowly poisoning, the adviser managed to convince the council that Petra is not fit to lead and gained the kingship to himself. Petra then sought the help from Andromeda and Lucien again. The real enemy turned out to be Rowina, Petra's mother who had been exiled long ago. In the final battle against Rowina and the adviser, Petra used her powers on the maximum, making the adviser think he'd dead and using the minds of her entire race to fight against her mother. After the defeat of her enemies, Petra was again selected as the leader. But a new threat is on the rise.

Powers & Abilities

She can make one think that he's dead thus making the opponent brain-dead. She can use teleportation as a weapon by teleporting vital organs from one's body.


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