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    Character » Petra Dobrev appears in 22 issues.

    Petra is Luther Strode's girlfriend.

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    Petra Dobrev was created by Justin Jordan and Tradd Moore, and first appeared in The Strange Talent of Luther Strode #1 by Image Comics in 2011.

    The Strange Talent of Luther Strode

    Petra was a high school student with an obvious interest romantically with Luther Strode. She made several advances on Luther, and Luther shared an affection.

    As Luther progressed through his training in "the method" (referring to the book "The Hercules Method") Petra made comments on Strode's expanding physique and at one point made a comment to Luther such as "I think the 'roids are rotting your brain Strode".

    After an evening where Petra visited Luther by sneaking it his bedroom window, Luther in turn went to Petra's house and spoke to her outside her window standing on the lawn. This is where we are given the first glimpse into Petra's abusive homelife from her Father. She has a conversation the following day at school and Luther and Pete comment on bruises on Petra's arm.

    After Luther's altercation with some drug dealing low life's, Petra is dragged deeper into Luther's life as she is taken captive by the criminals. They plan on hurting her in retaliation to Strode's attack on one of their members. Luther enters onto the scene after Petra has been tortured and proceeds to brutally dispense of the criminals. Horrified by the mutilation of the criminals, Petra doesn't know what to think and is traumatized.

    Luther realizes that the Librarian is at his home with his mother and Pete, and rushes to save them with Petra at his side. Strode arrives too late and finds his friend Pete pinned to the wall with knives and near death. Petra is mortified at what's happening, and begins to realize that Luther Strode has something occurring to and with him that is far beyond the realm of ordinary. Strode races off to face the Librarian without Petra.

    Petra arrives on the scene of the Strode/Librarian fight with the Police and sees Strode gunned down by gun fire.

    Story ends. Or does it?

    The Legend of Luther Strode

    Skip forward many years and we see Luther Strode very differently than we last saw him. Much larger, and acting as an Urban Legend Vigilante. He is living a hermit exile type of existing waging a one man war on crime in his typical gruesome manner.

    We enter Petra, contracted by individuals that are looking to hunt Strode down. She looks very different as well, in attitude an appearance. She has shaved part of her hair, sporting tattoos, and has a "bounty hunter" militaristic feel to her. She states that Strode ruined her life, now she wants to do the same to his.

    However, when the team of individuals find Luther, Petra is the first one to find and confront him in an abandoned building. She states that she has been looking for him, and her true intentions were to save him. It appears she has not lost any feelings for Luther and wants to be a part of Luther's life.

    Through the course of the ensuring fight between Strode and the people trying to capture him, we are introduced to an individual known as "The Binder". He is another individual versed in "the Method" like Strode, and is charged with the duty of stopping Strode's exploits. He informs Strode of others like them (including the Librarian) and tells Strode that he is bringing too much attention onto beings like themselves. After a fight, Binder captures Petra and flees.....knowing Strode will follow.

    Binder takes Petra to a mansion where he plans of using her as bait to lure Strode. Enter Jack The Ripper. We learn that Jack is another being versed in "the Method" and held in captivity by the Binder for some time. The Binder tells Jack that Petra will be his reward for stopping Strode.

    After a long drawn out battle, Jack kills the Binder....the mansion explodes and Jack escapes into the world again. Strode and Petra hunt Jack down and locate Jack in a shopping mall. Jack has the mall and it's inhabitants hostage, performing gruesome acts. After another extensive and bloody fight......Petra is the one that delivers the final killing strike to Jack with a chainsaw.....cutting him in half.

    The Legend of Luther Strode

    Jump forward many more years again, and we see Luther and Petra living their life in exile after a flashback scene. The are close partners now and Petra is shown perfecting her marksman skills. They return from their self imposed exile to stop others that are using "the method", making public news from killing.

    Luther and Petra confront the newer Method users, and Petra assassinates one with a sniper rifle shot. The remaining Method user focuses on attempting to slay Petra in retaliation while Luther fights for Petra's life.

    At the end of the first issue Luther and Petra are victorious, and the story remains to be continued....


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