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    Fantasy writer who wrote the Star Trek Generations episode 'Sarek'. His most notable work is the 1968 novel "The Last Unicorn."

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    At the age of 19, Peter S. Beagle wrote his first novel, “A Fine and Private Place,” which featured a protagonist who had the ability to converse with ravens and ghosts. His most well-known piece of fiction is “ The Last Unicorn” which has been adapted into an animated feature film in 1982 and had recently been adapted into a comic book miniseries by IDW.

    In 1978, Beagle wrote the screenplay for Ralph Bakshi’s animated adaption of “The Lord of the Rings” and an introduction to the American edition of “The Lord of the Rings.”

    Beagle had a contract with ITC Entertainment concerning “ The Last Unicorn” movie since 1979. Having both written the source material and the screenplay, the contract entitled Beagle to a small percentage of the gross revenue and merchandising profits. Since 1999 the film has been controlled by Granada Media. Peter S. Beagle is involved in an ongoing legal and financial dispute with Granada Media concerning the nonpayment of contractually due profits and merchandising shares. The total of this nonpayment is thought to be as much as several million dollars.

    In 1990, Beagle’s television screenwriting peaked with his screenplay for Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Sarek,” which involved Spock’s father, an aging diplomat.

    Following a steady stream of fantasy novels, he published a short story sequel to “The Last Unicorn” called “Two Hearts.” The novelette was first published in Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine’s October/November 2005 issue and has since been reprinted in several collections. In 2006 “Two Hearts” won the Hugo Award for Best Novelette and in 2007 won the Nebula Award for the same catergory.

    Currently, “ The Last Unicorn” comic book adaption is being released as a six-issue miniseries by IDW Publishing. “A Fine and Private Place” will also be adapted into a comic book after the completion of “ The Last Unicorn.”

    Creative Works:


        * A Fine and Private Place, 1960 (novel)

        * I See By My Outfit: Cross-Country by Scooter, an Adventure, 1965 (nonfiction)

        * The Last Unicorn, 1968 (novel)

        * The California Feeling, 1969 (with photographer Michael Bry, nonfiction)

        * Lila the Werewolf, 1974 (chapbook edition of previously-published novelette)

        * American Denim, 1975 (nonfiction art book)

        * The Lady and Her Tiger, 1976 (with Pat Derby, nonfiction)

        * The Fantasy Worlds of Peter S. Beagle, 1978 (omnibus collection including A Fine and Private Place, The Last Unicorn, "Come Lady Death," and "Lila the Werewolf")

        * The Garden of Earthly Delights, 1982 (nonfiction art book)

        * The Folk of the Air, 1986 (novel, currently being rewritten and expanded for new release)

        * The Innkeeper's Song, 1993 (novel)

        * In the Presence of the Elephants, 1995 (nonfiction photo book)

        * The Unicorn Sonata, 1996 (young adult novel, currently being rewritten and expanded into a 4-book series)

        * Giant Bones, 1997 (collection of original stories set in the world of The Innkeeper's Song)

        * The Rhinoceros Who Quoted Nietzsche and Other Odd Acquaintances, 1997 (collection of fiction and nonfiction essays)

        * The Magician of Karakosk and Other Stories, 1999 (foreign edition title for Giant Bones collection)

        * Tamsin, 1999 (novel)

        * A Dance for Emilia, 2000 (hardcover giftbook edition of novella)

        * The Line Between, 2006 (story collection)

        * Your Friendly Neighborhood Magician: Songs and Early Poems, 2006 (limited edition chapbook collection of song lyrics and poetry)

        * The Last Unicorn: The Lost Version, 2007 (original novella length draft, from Subterranean Press)

        * Strange Roads 2008 (3-story chapbook collaboration with Lisa Snellings-Clark for Dreamhaven Books)

        * We Never Talk About My Brother, 2009 (short fiction collection for Tachyon Publications)

        * Mirror Kingdoms: The Best of Peter S. Beagle, 2010 (Subterranean Press, edited by Jonathan Strahan)


        * The Last Unicorn, 1990 (abridged, cassette only, read by Peter)

        * A Fine and Private Place, 2002 (unabridged CD & cassette, read by Peter)

        * Giant Bones, 2002 (unabridged CD & cassette, read by Peter)

        * Tamsin, 2002 (unabridged CD & cassette, read by Peter)

        * The Last Unicorn, 2005 (unabridged CD & download, read by Peter, with original music by Jeff Slingluff)

    Produced screenplays

        * The Dove, 1974

        * The Greatest Thing That Almost Happened, 1977

        * The Lord of the Rings, 1978

        * The Last Unicorn, 1982

        * "Sarek" (for Star Trek: The Next Generation), 1990

        * A Whale of a Tale (pilot episode for TV series version of The Little Mermaid), 1992

        * Camelot, 1996

        * A Tale of Egypt, 1996

    Upcoming books

        * Return, 2010 (limited edition novella chapbook from Subterranean Press)

        * Two Hearts, 2010 (limited chapbook edition of Hugo and Nebula Award-winning novelette sequel to The Last Unicorn)

        * Writing Sarek, 2010 (Star Trek nonfiction with annotated "Sarek" teleplay)[4]

        * Sméagol, Déagol, and Beagle: Essays From the Headwaters of My Voice, 2010 (nonfiction essay collection)

        * Summerlong, 2010 (magical realist novel set in modern-day Seattle)

        * The First Last Unicorn and Other Beginnings, 2010 (story collection with additional essay material)

        * Three Faces of The Lady, 2010 (collection centered on "Come Lady Death")

        * I'm Afraid You've Got Dragons, 2010 (YA novel)

        * Green-Eyed Boy: Three Schmendrick Stories, 2010 (story collection with additional essay)

        * Three Unicorns, 2010 (story collection with additional essay)

        * Four Years, Five Seasons, 2010 (story collection)

        * Sweet Lightning, 2011 (1950s baseball fantasy novel)

        * Sleight of Hand, 2011 (story collection)


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