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Peter Robinson is the ex-husband of Kate Spencer, head prosecutor turn vigilante Manhunter. He is also the father of Ramsey Robinson, who later becomes a superhero.


Peter was created by Marc Andreyko for his seris Manhunter. Although he is heard talking to his ex Kate in issue 1, he isn't seen till issue 2.

Major Story Arcs

Street Justice

For more information see: Street Justice

When Peter bring his son Ramsey to see his mother, Kate Spencer at work, he gets angry at his ex-wife for forgetting to that it was her weekend with their son. He tells Kate that he is disappointed with her, and wants full custody of Ramsey. She forces him to leave her office, but he vows the conversation isn't over.

Later, Ramsey is injured and Peter comes to the hospital, there he blames Kate for what happened to their son, and this time Kate storms off.

Later when Kate comes to see Ramsey, in the hospital, Peter stops her. He then informs her that he has a temporary restraining order and kicks her out the hospital.


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