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    Peter is the brother of Nathan Petrelli. He has the ability to mimic and copy anyone's super powers. He can later recall and use these abilities. It hasn't been revealed how many he can copy. Due to his father taking away his abilities, Peter was powerless for a while until he injected himself with a formula that gives him abilities. Now he can only absorb people's powers by touch and he can only have 1 at a time.

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    Volume 1: Genesis

    Peter is associate degree ex-house nurse. He lives in ny, beside his mother Angela and his brother Nathan.

    Peter initial started having visions of flying. once he told his brother, Nathan Petrelli, United Nations agency was at the time, running for representative, he passed it off as crazy daydreams. Peter later calls Nathan to observe him fly. Peter jumps off a building, and Nathan flies up to catch him, however loses management, therefore Peter flies the remainder of the method down. it absolutely was a nasty fall, and Peter was hospitalized. He had conjointly gained Isaac Mendez's power of second sight. He thespian a drawing drawing of 2 folks flying. Later, Nathan tried to elucidate to Peter that they each had flown, however Peter thought he was lying. Nathan then found out that Peter was already levitating off the bottom, similar to within the drawing.

    Peter then quit his job as a nurse, and ran to disclose to Simone Deveaux, Isaac's ex-girlfriend, and girl of the person that Peter was nursing. They spent the night along, exploit Simone unsure concerning her feelings towards Peter.

    Later, on the subway, Hiro Nakamura time traveled back from the longer term to go to Peter. He told him that he was the one that they required. "Save the cheerleader, save the globe," was his message to Peter, so he nonexistent.

    Peter later showed additional of his ability of second sight once he finished a painting of Sylar killing Claire Bennet. Simone told Peter that she had oversubscribed that painting to a person in Las Vegas, named Linderman. Peter became convinced that this painting would facilitate him save the cheerleader.

    Peter later travels to Odessa, Texas, and meets Claire, the create cheerleader. Sylar before long seems to kill Claire, however grabs the incorrect cheerleader as Claire escapes. He catches up together with her, however is tackled off the roof of the highschool by Peter. Sylar gets up and walks faraway from the autumn, however it seems that Peter is dead. once Claire involves see if he's alright, Peter begins to heal himself. once he's aware once more, he tells her to decision the police, however the police arrest Peter since he's lined in blood that they suppose is somebody else's.

    Peter eventually finally ends up in ny. He absorbed tough guy Sprague's radiation powers and it looked as if Peter would be the explanation for ny affected by a atomic explosion. Their mother and Nathan believed it absolutely was inevitable that Peter explode. because the new electoral representative, Nathan would be crucial in delivery along the survivors and exploitation this to form his thanks to the White House. At the eleventh hour, Nathan modified his mind and was there for his brother. Grabbing him, the 2 flew into the air. because the others looked on, a atomic explosion may be seen.

    After the explosion, Peter flew his unconscious brother Nathan Petrelli, to the hospital. Peter, was the attacked, and recruited by "Bob". He joined Bob's organization with the hopes of finding a cure for his powers to forestall pain his adored ones all over again, however what he didnt understand, is that he was actaully command there against his can. This was discovered to him by "Adam", United Nations agency was conjointly called "Takezo Kensei". The create english samurai from many years agone, once Hiro Nakamura traveled thorugh ancient china. Adam discovered that it absolutely was really a jail, associate degree that there has been a developing cure since he arrived there decades agone. at the moment revelation. Peter tested that theory, solely to search out out it absolutely was true. They then developed an idea to flee, during which Peter would faux taking his daily dose of "hatian pills", primarily to heal Peters brother of his wounds. He would permit Bob's girl "Elle" to shock him, so as to distract her from his consumption of thepills. so as to flee, he waits for 5 days while not the pills, and walks during the facilities walls with Adam. once a booming escape, they visit Nathan, United Nations agency is very scarred from his encounter with "Nucleur Peter". Adam injects his blood into Nathans IV drip, healing him in minutes. after they arrive outside of the hospital, the area unit confronted by Elle, and also the hatian. They get a divorce, and Peter is knocked into a storage instrumentation by the hatian. The hatian cuffs him, and erases his reminiscences, so as to permit peter a far better future.

    Volume 2: Generations

    With no sign of Peter, Nathan's political career does not go thus well. He appears to own lost his motivation. Peter finds himself handcuffed during a storage instrumentation in eire. Some crooks had planned to interrupt in and steal a cargo of iPods and located a, barely clothed, Peter instead. Peter has no recollection of however he got there. Peter eventually learns his identity, and travels to fill within the blanks of his mind. He once more encounters Adam, World Health Organization tells him that he could regain his recollections by mimicing his power. He stares at an image of himself and his brother Nathan as ispiration to heals his mind, and he regains all his recollections.During all that Peter accidentally jumps ahead in time to day,2008 with Caitlin to desolate city district in the big apple town wherever they learn of an epidemic that wipe out ninety three % of the human population he later goes back to the current while not Caitlin, wherever he meets with Adam Monroe. Adam tells him to consider one thing or somebody near him, and he'll bear in mind, with the assistance of the healing ability. once basic cognitive process World Health Organization he's, Adam manipulates Peter into going with him to "destroy" the virus, once really Adam needs to realese it. Next, Peter and Adam head to realize Victoria Pratt, a biological engineer, World Health Organization created the virus. once she tries to kill them, Peter pulls the situation of the virus out of her head, and once she another time tries to kill them, Adam kills her. once the attain Primatech Paper in Odessa, Texas, time is frozen by Hiro, and he and Peter fight. Peter takes him down pretty quickly and he and Adam head to get the virus. once straining himself by gap the vault, Nathan and Matt surface and Nathan manages to convert Peter that Adam's evil, and Peter destroys the virus. once Peter destroys the virus, Nathan holds a group discussion to inform individuals concerning the corporate and conjointly individuals with talents, Nathan gets shot and Peter chases once the assassin. it had been discovered that the assassin was future Peter. Peter chases the killer to the bathroom and he then gets at bay within a villain named Jesse spud in Level five of the Primatech facility.

    Volume 3: Villains

    When all the villains escape, Peter escapes with them. Peter imitative to be Jesse and robbed a bank at the side of the villains from Level five however he cowl was blown once another villain named theologiser asks him a trick question concerning wherever Jesse's from. theologiser attacks Peter and Peter finds out that Jesse's power and he attacks all the villains. simply once Peter will that point freezes. Future Peter teleports to the bank and he releases Peter from Jesse body. Peter asks why he's here and future aforementioned that he is there to save lots of the globe. Future Peter then teleports Peter to point out him what's going to happen four years within the future.

    When Peter gets to the long run, Peter sees that everything was traditional however future aforementioned that it had been all traditional however with one massive distinction. Peter then sees legion individuals with talents like super-speed and flight. Peter asks however is that doable and future Peter tells him that a formula is obtainable and may offer anyone talents, he conjointly says that as a result of of these power, the globe would finish shortly. Future Peter says that he can not help as a result of he has already created too several mistakes already and cannot risk it. Future Peter tells Peter that the sole thanks to stop this from happening is for him to find out Sylar talents to grasp however things work so Peter would not do a similar mistake the long run Peter created. Future Peter is then shot by Claire and Claire tries to search out this Peter. Peter escapes and visits the long run Sylar, Sylar tells him that they are brothers and gains his ability however Sylar warns him of the hunger that comes along with his ability. Claire {and the|and therefore the|and conjointly the} Pineshearst company then finds Peter and makes an attempt to capture him however they also killed Future Sylar's son, patriarch unintentionally. Sylar gets angry and he explodes and removes the entire Costa Verde with him. Peter is unconcious and is captured by the Pineshearst company. Claire tortures Peter and Nathan stops her and talks to Peter. Peter then starts to urge the hunger that Sylar was telling him concerning. He cut opens Nathan's head and he kills Nathan. Peter realises what he has done and he teleports into Sylar's cell within the gift. Sylar then realises that Peter has the hunger like him. simply at that moment, Angela Petrelli comes in and tries to prevent Peter from symptom Sylar, Peter's hunger then strikes once more and he starts to chop Angela's head open however Sylar stops him. Peter is then captured and was unbroken in an exceedingly cell in Level five of the corporate facility. Sylar then releases Peter from the cell as a result of he wants his facilitate to save lots of Angela. Sylar asks for Peter's facilitate however initial he declines, then he accepts and he tries to surpress the hunger within him. Peter reads the petrified Angela's mind and every one he sees could be a image. Sylar realises that the image is that the image of the Pineshearst company and he tells Peter concerning it. Sylar desires to travel with Peter however Peter does not let him therefore he locks him up in an exceedingly cell. Peter goes to the Pineshearst company and he finds a bunch of villain and his father there.


    His father offers him a hug and Peter realises there was one thing wrong, throughout the hug, Peter had his talents taken by his father.Peter tries to use his abiilities on Arthur however he could not, Arthur then tells him that he hasn't got his talents any longer, he has them currently.

    Peter was then unconcious and he recollects once Nathan told him Arthur died up till once Arthur took his powers from him. Peter wakes up and finds himelf handcuffed to a workplace table. Arthur walks in and tells him what he's doing. Peter aforementioned that if he does not stop, the globe would finish. Arthur then asks for Peter's facilitate to stop that future from happening. Peter refuses and threatens Arthur. Arthur tells Peter that if he does not modification that perspective, he is grounded. Later, Peter tries to attack Arthur however unsuccessful, he was then taken to Mohinder Suresh to check a formula however Sylar stopped Mohinder doing that. Peter escapes however Sylar gets captured by Mohinder. Later Peter, still within the building appearance for a exit within the Pinehearst facility. Peter could not notice it and instead, he finds Sylar sitting in Arthur Petrelli's workplace. Peter tells Sylar to travel however he tells him that he is not going anyplace however Peter is... Sylar teleknetically throws Peter out of the window. even as Peter falls, Claire helps him up. Peter tells him that he does not have his ability to heal any longer and Claire wanders however Peter survived that seven story fall. Claire then treats Peter's injuries and wounds, Peter believes that somehow, Sylar soft his fall exploitation his teleknesis and Peter thinks that Sylar does not wish him to die. Just then, Nathan walks in and asks what happened, Peter tells him what happens and Nathan tells Peter that he can notice Arthur and rummage around for answers. Peter fears that Nathan would possibly get hurt however Nathan still goes.

    Later, Peter and Claire was hunted person by theologiser and Flint, first, theologiser and Flint's primary target was Peter however later, the target was modified from Peter to Claire by Arthur once looking for that Claire was the catalyst required for the formula to figure. Peter and Claire later encounters theologiser and Flint once more however this point, Claire was captured by Flint and {knox|Knox|John theologiser|theologian|theologist|theologizer|theologiser|historian|historiographer} however Peter later finds how to defeat Flint and Knox and save Claire. once they escape Flint and theologiser, they are going to Primatech to go looking for facilitate and after they got there, they notice Matt and Daphne and Matt mistakes Peter for future Peter and pins him on to the wall however he later realises that it had been the $64000 Peter. Matt tells Peter that Angela is safe and once Peter and Claire get there, Nathan arrives too. Angela tells all the heroes that Arthur wants a 3rd a part of the formula to form it work and Claire realises that she is that the catalyst.

    All the heroes were then separated to prevent Arthur's arrange. Peter and Nathan were sent to Haiti to search out the sole man UN agency might stop Arthur, the Haitian... while flying to the Haitian's village, Nathan stops operating as a result of the eclipse and Peter and Nathan falls into a watercourse in Haiti. Peter and Nathan survives the autumn then again find yourself disagreeing with one another and conflict, Peter tells Nathan that within the future, Nathan lands up operating with Arthur. They were then later stopped by the Haitian. Haitian tells them to dummy up however Nathan was captured by the Haitian's brother. Peter and therefore the Haitian was left with no alternative however leave and save Nathan afterward.

    Later, Peter and therefore the Haitian goes to wherever Nathan is control and saves him. Peter then decides that he would hold Baron Samedi's men whereas they escape. Peter tells Nathan and therefore the Haitian to fly back to America and stop Arthur. Later, Peter was on the brink of be captured by Baron Samedi however simply before he was captured, the Haitian and Nathan involves the rescue. Nathan flies and rushes Baron Samedi into a automobile however that does not hurt him as a result of his inpenertrable skin. Haitian later then sacrifices his brother and kills Samedi. After, Nathan aforementioned that he considered his father's proposal and decides to travel on his father's aspect. Nathan flies off and Peter was left stranded in Haiti.

    When Peter eventually created it home with the Haitian, he met up along with his mother, Angela Petrelli, she told Peter that the sole thanks to stop Arthur was to kill him, one bullet within the head. Peter initially is bothered it however he then finally picks up the gun and goes on his approach. Angela conjointly sends the Haitian with him to prevent Arthur from exploitation his talents on Peter. while on the thanks to Pinehearst, the Haitian asks if he ought to kill Arthur however Peter refuses and he desires to try and do it himself. once Peter gets to Pinehearst, he finds Arthur, Arthur tries to use his ability however shortly realises that the Haitian was gift and could not use his talents. Arthur then tells Peter that he does not believe that he's willing to kill his own father. Peter thinks for a jiffy and therefore the Haitian shortly tells him that he could not hold it from now on, Arthur was too sturdy. Peter eventually shoots Arthur however simply once the bullet traveled through [*fr1] approach, it stopped. Sylar came out and asked Arthur if Arthur very was his father, Arthur told him he was however Sylar knew he was lying once gaining a replacement "lie detector" ability. once knowing that Arthur was lying, Sylar let the bullet jaunt it's destined location and it hit Arthur straight within the forehead. Sylar then told Peter that Peter wasn't the killer, he was.

    Peter does not leave Pinehearst and sits within the space wherever killed his father along with his dead father. Later, Nathan enters the space and discovers Arthur's body and a gun in Peter's hand. Nathan instantly knew that Peter done it and Nathan aforementioned that he can follow in his father's foot steps and make the liquid body substance to relinquish people's talents. Nathan persuades Peter to affix him however Peter refuses to a knocks him out. Peter later goes to the Pinehearst workplace and sees Mohinder on the brink of inject himself with the {serum|blood liquid body substance|liquid body substance|bodily fluid|body fluid|humor|humour} however a fast flash appeared and therefore the serum in Mohinder's hands were gone, it had been Daphne stealing the liquid body substance however Mohinder did not grasp and saw Peter coming back, forward it had been him, Mohinder gets angry. Before Mohinder might attack Peter, Flint and theologiser comes out and stops Mohinder, Peter asks them why their serving to him and Flint tells him that after everyone has talents, they will not be special no a lot of. Peter and Flint then began to destroy the instrumentation within the workplace and that they destroyed all the liquid body substance the might notice while theologiser went up to prepared Nathan and destroy the formula once and for all. The knocked out Mohinder later wakes duplicate and tries to prevent Peter and Flint and warns them that the liquid body substance is flamable however he could not build them stop therefore he runs away, Nathan later enters the workplace and finds everything destroyed, Peter then tells Flint to prevent as a result of everything was destroyed however the foolish Flint continued and used his fireplace on the liquid body substance, the liquid body substance then instantly lights up and starts burning the workplace. Nathan, Peter and Flint were stranded within the fireplace. Nathan starts to pass out. Peter then spots an extra liquid body substance on the ground within the workplace, he thought that the sole solution was to fly out, he used the liquid body substance on himself and he jumped to Nathan and flew out with him simply before the Pinehearst building exploded.

    Peter and Nathan later lands on to a beach, Nathan wasn't solely not grateful however instead, he gets angry concerning Peter exploitation the liquid body substance for himself and calls him a dissembler, Nathan and Peter argue and Nathan later gets uninterested and flies away feat Peter behind...

    Volume 4: Fugitives

    Current Abilities

    In Dual, Peter injected himself with the formula in order to save his brother from a fire. After he injected himself, he was able to use flight and fly from the exploding building with Nathan. In A Clear and Present Danger, Peter is shown demonstrating a variation of ability mimicry, mimicking an ability only after touching another evolved human. It is similar to his father's ability to steal other abilities by touch, yet different in that the source of the ability can still use their ability after Peter performs the process.

    According to Peter, he can now only mimic one ability at a time, losing the old ability in order to acquire the new one (Trust and Blood).

    Peter has shown control over his replication. For example, he held Nathan by the neck to hold him hostage, and didn't replicate his flight until the last second before he escaped (Trust and Blood). He showed control another time when he flew with Matt Parkman, apparently without replicating his ability of telepathy (Cold Wars). However, this control is not perfect, as he absorbs enhanced synesthesia from Emma without meaning to. (Hysterical Blindness)

    When Peter replicates an ability, he also displays the version of it possessed by the person he is replicating from. For example, West Rosen's floating manifestation of flight (Let It Bleed) and Samuel's enhanced version of terrakinesis. (Brave New World)

    With his new power, Peter seems to develop greater control over his copied powers. This is probably due to the fact that he only has to worry about one ability, and the fact that he doesn't have to focus to "recall" his power. Some abilities like flight, super speed, space-time manipulation, enhanced strength, and telepathy he has used before using Empathic Mimicry. But other abilities like healing touch, shape-shifting, and mental manipulation he has not and displayed great skill in a short amount of time.


    After the events at Pinehearst, Peter may be a paraprofessional and is making an attempt to stay below the microwave radar, he recieves a decision from Claire, his kinswoman and he or she told him that Nathan was going to garner the evolved humans and was getting ready to capture to Matt Parkman. Claire tells that she's reaching to Parkman's housing as before long as potential, Peter tells Claire that he'll go and consult with Angela. Peter requires a cab and once he gets into the cab, he finds out that the driving force was Mohinder Suresh, Peter and Mohinder discuss their skills and remark keeping below the microwave radar, once they get to their destination, Mohinder lets Peter go while not paying for the journey. Peter arrives at Angela's house and finds Nathan anticipating him. Nathan tells him that this was all his arrange, however Peter does not believe him, Nathan invitations Peter for dinner so they may speak additional and Peter accepts, Peter leaves however even as he was getting ready to leave, Nathan asks him what skills he has and Peter tells him that he might solely fly.

    Peter goes back to his housing however he finds Nathan anticipating him in there. Nathan tells Peter that what he was doing was for the larger sensible and asks Peter to hitch him however Peter refuses. Nathan asks for a hug and Peter hugs him however [*fr1] manner through the hug, Peter gets tasered by Noah Bennet. Claire wakes Peter up and Peter finds out that he was on a merchandise plane, Peter touches Mohinder and he absorbs his super-strength and lightsomeness. Peter breaks out of the hand cuffs and Peter starts to attack the guards. while making an attempt to free histrion, Peter accidentally absorbs Tracy's power and freezes the plane and makes a hole within the plane inflicting it to crash.

    Peter crashes with the plane however he wasn't badly hurt and he was making an attempt to flee the guards before it absolutely was too late however they were stopped once Noah holds a gun at Peter, Noah persuades Peter and Claire to travel back to camp with him however eventually, Claire manages to influence Noah to let Peter go. Peter continues running and runs into histrion, Peter makes a thought to urge uniform and that they succeed, histrion then tells Peter that she might trick Nathan as a result of they each assume constant manner. histrion tells Nathan that Peter was kidnaped by her and also the solely thanks to save him was to travel to her and let her go free. Nathan knew that it absolutely was a lure and captures histrion, Peter told histrion before that he might solely suspend on to at least one ability at a time and Peter goes to Nathan and touches Nathan wihtout him knowing and Peter manages to fly faraway from the Nathan's team. Peter regroups with all the opposite heroes and starts to figure along and build a thought to prevent them selves being captured.

    Volume five :Redemption

    When Peter learns of a crash with folks at bay in it, Peter leaves the auto and demonstrates nice lightsomeness and strength along with his powers and reaches the truck, tearing off the door and saving a pregnant girl likewise as her husband. At the hospital, he reveals that the girl had twin daughters and plans to travel take another shift despite having already worked a double, however his partner tells him its too late for that. At home, "Nathan" tries to decision, however Peter ignores the decision and tacks an editorial regarding his heroic actions au courant a wall lined with alternative clippings.

    At Peter's housing,Noah Bennet approaches him for facilitate. Peter reveals he is saved fifty three folks and presently has increased

    Peter Petrelli in 'Redemption'

    Supertrenght as his power from Mohinder Suresh that he took to assist save lives as he feels he must structure for his family's and also the Company's mistakes. Noah enlists his facilitate in work a safe-deposit because the foe they are facing has super speed, that interests Peter.

    At the bank, Peter's defeated once all there seems to be may be a broken compass , then again King of England shows up to attack them. Peter quickly replicates his power and enters a brilliant speed battle against King of England. Peter displays respectable management over his super speed and respectable fighting ability, enough to beat King of England despite him being armed with blades and drives King of England away. Peter and Noah take the manager to the hospital wherever he survives Edgar's attack because of their efforts. Outside, Noah holds the compass which does not react once he touches it, however it goes wild once Peter holds it. Noah tries to urge Peter to stay it and facilitate him, however he refuses locution he desires to save lots of folks his manner and don't have anything to try to to with Noah. once Noah asks why he helped, he aforementioned he merely wished to urge Edgar's power so as to assist him at his job then leaves with Noah occupation when him to decision his mother.

    Later, Peter provides his partner food from an area in Beantown that he presumptively got mistreatment his new super speed, before the 2 get associate emergency decision over the radio that his partner desires to ignore as they don't seem to be on nonetheless. Peter uses his new power to rush to the scene and finds a badly wounded Noah Bennet United Nations agency tells him King of England got the compass.

    Peter prepares for one more day at work once a method server seems to him and provides him a summons. Peter goes to figure and visits Emma , requesting a report from her. Peter begins to inform her of his disbelief that somebody he saved is suing him then realizes that her headphones ar unplugged. Emma is stunned and knocks over a cup. Peter helps her close up then leaves to fulfill the person suing him. This person is prophet Sullivan , mistreatment the alias of "William Hooper". Peter does not acknowledge him however prophet insists Peter's actions caused him to own a separated arm. prophet tells Peter that he has errands to run which he most likely does not bear in mind him as a result of Peter's life is thus stretched.

    Later, Hesam asks Peter if he's being sued. Peter confirms this and Hesam reveals that a adult male. William Hooper was one among Peter's "rescues". He additionally tells Peter that everybody believes he's setting himself up to appear sort of a hero. Peter hopes Hesam does not assume this however he notes that Peter continuously saves the day whereas he simply drives him. Peter returns home and finds an image of prophet on his wall of rescues. He visits prophet in a very park and meets with prophet. Peter talks to him regarding life and also the grief of loosing a honey. prophet is happy with Peter and shakes his hand, promising to drop the causa. As prophet leaves, Peter sits and thinks till he hears lovely music being vie. Peter follows the music and finds that it's coming back from Emma, United Nations agency is taking part in a bowed stringed instrument.

    Peter later is termed into work and is shipped to a scene wherever a house has fallen into a sink hole . prophet is within the shadows and concentrates on Peter's arm, inflicting a tattoo of a compass to look.

    Peter visits Noah and tries to indicate him the strange tattoo of the compass that appeared on his arm. he's confused once he discovers that the tattoo has disappeared and Noah believes that Peter merely notional it. He leaves and bumps into Claire . he's unable to remain and tells her that he should come back to to figure. Claire points out that he's employed in big apple and Peter speeds away. whereas at work, Peter is visited by "Nathan" , United Nations agency tells him that he has been discovering new skills . Peter helps him decipher what one among his new powers is and helps him bear in mind Kelly film producer . once "Nathan" leaves to research Kelly's disappearance, Peter offers to hitch him. "Nathan" tells him to remain, locution that he will handle it.

    Peter has lunch with Angela and also the 2 of them discuss however Peter has recently cut himself removed from his family. Peter apologizes and tells Angela that he has modified. Angela suggests that he get a replacement career and build a chance however Peter says no. He notices the time and heads dead set work, permitting Angela to remain within the housing. whereas on his thanks to work, Peter sees Emma walking down the road. He watches her as she slowly backs away onto the road and into the trail of a truck. Peter dashes across the road and saves her. He asks her if she is okay however Emma refuses to speak. She walks off alone and Peter tries to run when he however realizes that he cannot. He kicks a will in frustration and is surprised to check lightweight emerge once it hits the bottom. Peter then realizes that he replicated Emma's ability.

    Peter searches for Emma and is drawn to the sound of a children's choir singing the theme from the best America Hero . Their voices produce a beautiful showing that solely he and Emma ar ready to see. when Emma realizes that Peter will see the lights likewise, Peter explains that there ar several special folks within the world. Emma does not perceive or totally settle for the reality, prompting Peter to sit down and play the piano. Emma joins him and along, they produce lovely music and lights. Peter offers to shop for Emma lunch and facilitate her through her problems along with her power. He then says that she will get out of the file space additional usually currently however Emma is angry and says that she likes the file space. Emma storms off and Peter returns home. whereas unpacking his things, Peter is surprised by Hiro , United Nations agency seems behind him. Hiro collapses and Peter catches him.

    Peter sits with Hiro and tells him that he's terribly sick. Hiro admits that he incorporates a tumor and Peter offers to urge him a fast operation. Hiro tells him to not and says that he has been dropped at Peter to assist him. Peter insists that he doesn't would like Hiro's facilitate, however that Hiro desires his. He replicates Hiro's ability and teleports away. He teleports to Noah and Claire and tells them regarding Hiro's condition. Claire offers to heal him along with her blood however Noah tells her that it will not work. He finds some data on Jeremy Greer , a expert that he once caught for the corporate. Peter then teleports Noah and himself there.

    Peter and Noah notice that each organic substance around Jeremy's home has died. once they break in, they notice that Jeremy's oldsters ar rotten corpses. Jeremy attacks the lads and Peter is shot within the chest. Noah convinces Jeremy that he will heal folks likewise as kill them and Jeremy revives Peter. when replicating Jeremy's power, Peter leaves and returns to big apple . He finds Emma , United Nations agency tells him that Hiro has disappeared. the 2 of them search through his space and notice his list. the most recent addition to the list ar the words "Save Charlie ".

    Hesam and Peter visit the positioning of a train crash and facilitate several harmed folks. One man, Patrick , is wheeled into their auto by Peter. once Hesam is not trying, Peter heals the person of his dysfunction, though it takes a toll on Peter. By the time they reach the hospital, Hesam notes that Peter appearance terribly tired. He additionally notes that four patients are not as harmed as they thought they were. once they go within, Peter sees that Emma is observance the mayhem with a glance of shock on her face. As he wanders the ER, he notices that Emma is functioning on a patient by herself. He becomes distracted by Nurse Hammer , United Nations agency yells that her patient is dying. Peter heals the patient then again becomes exhausted.

    As Peter tries to achieve some energy, he's found by Emma. Emma asks him if he's okay and he tells her that his latest power is exhausting all of his energy. Emma tells him that he must stop mistreatment the facility however Peter claims that he doesn't need to feel normal. He then asks Emma wherever she learnt the way to treat patients and Emma reveals that she visited school of medicine however born out. Soon, Peter hears Emma occupation for facilitate and finds her operational alone on a lassie named Megan . Emma tells him that she will lie with and with success revives the woman. Peter later finds Emma taking part in the piano and asks her what the photograph she has is for. Emma explains that it's her kinsman St. Christopher which at some point, whereas she was baby sitting him, he submerged and he or she was unable to save lots of him. She tells Peter that his death was the rationale she born out of school of medicine and Peter reminds her that she saved Megan. He asks if she is going to be going back however Emma smiles and asks if he will still see the colors . Peter says that he cannot however offers to play along with her. He puts Megan's jewelled headdress on her head and he or she smiles at him.

    At his housing, Peter pulls down the clippings from his board. there's a play the door and Peter opens it, finding "Nathan" . "Nathan" tells him that he's in hassle.

    Peter and Nathan seen that Nathan isn't Nathan however in truth Sylar and when a gathering with Matt Parkman, Sylar re-emerges along with his former self by this crushing the thanksgiving dinner.Peter goes when Sylar and also the 2 emerges in a very fight. Peter uses the Haitian's ability and beats Sylar.Sylar provides Peter back Nathan however just for a number of minutes wherever Nathan aforementioned au revoir to his brother and provides up the fight agains Sylar by jumping down from the hospital roof commiting some variety of 'suicide' by this.

    Peter meets up with Noah Bennet outside big apple town and organize the burial.After that same night Peter meets up with Claire's ex-boyfriend, West, mimics his ability and goes when Sylar to own his revenge for murdering with cold blood his brother.

    Next morning Peter was walking down the road once he detected a 'siren song' and visited Emma.She confessed Peter that her ability has evolved and currently if she plays on the bowed stringed instrument and thinks of somebody than she will 'summon' that person.

    Next morning Peter had breakfast along with her once Angela Petrelli arrived and freaked out of her presence.Emma than claimed that she has some vital stuff to try to to and left.Angela told Peter that she is going to kill thousands of individuals and Peter mimiced his mothers ability of clairvoyance dreaming thus he will see himself what's the coming danger.

    That night he had a nightmare:Emma plays on the bowed stringed instrument whereas folks ar dying,than Sylar arrives claiming that he came to save lots of her.Emma has associate evil grin on her face.

    Peter next morning quickly rush to Emma and destroyed the bowed stringed instrument explaining her true.Emma freaked out 1st than became mad at Peter and sent him away.

    Peter had another dream of Emma killing thousands of individuals and thinks that one United Nations agency will save her is Sylar himself so he went straight to her mother and told her his arrange.

    Next night, Peter arrived to Matt Parkman wherever he mimiced his ability and went inside Sylar's head to free him from the mental jail , wherever Matt place him when Sylar wished him to purge his powers out from his head and vulnerable his family.

    Peter currently in Sylar's mind, told Sylar that he came to save lots of him.Eventually they need a spoken language wherever Sylar apologizes to Peter for killing Nathan and Peter eventually saw that Sylar did desires to vary and united, they brake through the mental wall and they are each saved.Outside they face Eli United Nations agency arrived to kill them.

    Peter eventually groups up with a saved Sylar and with the assistance of Matt, they stop Eli. Heading to the carnival, Sylar 'officially' became a 'Hero' whereas Peter managed to mimic associate angry Samuel's terrakinesis and also the 2 got engaged into a terrakinetic duel wherever Peter finishes up because the winner when HIro and Ando teleported out the folks from the carnival, effort prophet Sullivan ineffective.As prophet collapses to his kneels into the grand failure, Peter told Noah he ne'er likable carnivals.

    Volume vi :Brave New World

    Peter and Sylar quickly and simply defeat Eli, saving Matt's life as Eli's clones were getting ready to kill him. Peter tries to urge Matt to scan Eli's mindto establish Samuel's plans, however Matt is just too angry regarding Peter releasing Sylar and refuses thus Peter reads Eli's mind himself. Peter learns prophet plans to kill thousands of individuals in Central Park and tries to go off with Sylar to prevent them, however is stopped by Matt United Nations agency does not trust Sylar. Peter reveals they were at bay along in Sylar's mind for what looked like 5 years and he believes Sylar has really modified. Sylar has Matt scan his mind, however it does not facilitate as Matt cannot scan Sylar's heart. the 2 finally convert Matt to allow them to go and he orders them out.

    At the Carnival in Central Park, Sylar heads off to save lots of Emma whereas Peter goes to prevent prophet. As prophet is making associate earthquake to kill everybody, Peter uses flight to tackle him off stage, breaking his concentration and stopping him. Peter replicates terrakinesis from prophet and battles him with it, however the 2 ar equally matched and fight to a draw. Peter holds him off long enough for all of the innocent folks to flee and Hiro to transport away with all of the opposite specials, uncovering prophet of all of his additional power from their presence. prophet tries to attack Peter, however Peter blocks him and punches him within the face then throws him on stage before observance with Noah as prophet runs out into the empty Carnival and falls to his knees in despair. Peter reunites with Emma United Nations agency has been saved by Sylar and shares a hug along with her as she informs him she was controlled by Eric Doyle which Sylar saved her. Peter quickly seeks out Sylar distressed regarding what he did to Doyle and finds that he has simply tied him up sort of a puppet. the 2 practice the empty Carnival and Sylar admits he enjoyed doing the proper issue and saving Emma and not killing Doyle once he had an opportunity. Peter and Sylar watch as Claire climbs the rotating mechanism to reveal her power and Sylar comments to him that its reaching to be a brave new world. Peter watches as Claire exposes herself to the news and also the world.

    Notable Powers

    Peter's power is that the ability to repeat the skills of alternative super-humans, with no apparent ill-effect or power loss to the initial owner. The vary and limitations of this power haven't nonetheless been clearly outlined, thus most of what's far-famed regarding are often best delineated by what has been ascertained.

    His ability seems to be proximity primarily based. the gap Peter must copy an influence has not nonetheless been incontestible, but the skills that he has derived are from those who have return at intervals the world of 10 feet or less from Peter (or shut enough for physical contact). From the purpose Peter copies an influence he's ready to continue mistreatment it, and there has been nothing to point that these powers can expire with time or frequency of use. Most of the super-humans from the "Heroes" universe are new their powers, wherever limitations haven't been incontestible, however Peter could also be ready to use the skills he copies to constant extent because the original owner.

    Originally Peter's powers operated for the most part on the subconscious level. Powers are mechanically derived, and even Peter does not understand that he incorporates a explicit ability till by some reflexive action the facility is employed (or he could grasp that he incorporates a explicit power by reasoning once somebody close to him is unconcealed to own a power). With observe Peter has been ready to refine and improve his management individual skills, but every of his derived powers additionally originally operated as a reflex or subconscious act (often in self-preservation), He additionally gained the skills to use the powers at can once wondering the those who he mimicked. for instance once thrown off a building he thought of Claire and recovered himself.

    The abilities that Peter copies could have some instability supported the powers themselves. once Peter derived the power to come up with radiation from his body, he was unable to regulate himself associated distressed that an explosion might result. At this time he was inexperienced with the utilization and management of his powers, and he had absorbed variety of variable skills in a very comparatively short quantity of your time. this could have contributed to his temporary instability. As he learns to regulate his power this could not be a difficulty.

    Peter has mimicked many notable powers from alternative distinctive people. Here may be a list of a number of the additional notable powers that he possesses.

    Empathic mimicry - his original power, by gripping the godlike powers of others {in a|during a|in associate exceedingly|in a very} tiny radius and recall them at can on an sympathetic level.

    Precognitive dreaming - mimicked from his mother, Peter began to dream various things that is the future

    Flight - mimicked from brother, Nathan Petrelli, Peter has the power to fly by self-propulsion. he is even used his brother's ability to fly at supersonic speeds, that he demonstrates once he rescues his brother when having exploded.

    Precognition - mimicked from Issac Mendez, a painter erst obsessed with diacetylmorphine and his former girlfriend's ex, Peter has the power to foresee the long run however the sole manner he and patriarch will categorical this is often to color or draw future scenes out. Peter's eyes glow a cloudy white and sucuumbs into a trance-like state, however later loses this ability to his father.

    Time/Space Manipulation - mimicked from Hiro Nakamura, an honest friend and ally, Peter will bend time and house to time travel, teleport, or management the flow of your time, he later loses this ability to his father.

    Rapid cellular regeneration/healing - mimicked from Claire Bennet, his brother's illegitimate female offspring and his neice, Peter's body self regenerates and recovers from any trauma, injury or wound that involves it. once he activates Claire's power, his blood has the power to heal others and might be killed once the brain is punctured however are often brought back to life by being close to her or receiveing a transfusion of her blood, he lost this ability to his father.

    Telekinesis - mimicked from supervillain Sylar, the enemy of the series, Peter has the power to levitate and manipulate objects with the facility of his mind however not with the extent of fine management because the villain, he later loses this ability to his father.

    Telepathy - mimicked from police officer Matt Parkman, Peter will scan, project, and management thought and also the mind however will solely used this power to scan minds and has not reached constant level as Matt's father, Maury Parkman, or, additional recently, Matt himself, however lost to his father.

    Invisibility - mimicked from, Claude, the Invisible Man and his mentor, Peter has the power to render himself invisible. With observe he was ready to master the fundamentals of this power, ready to render people and things invisible at the side of him however solely in physical contact, however lost to his father.

    Induced Radioactivity - from the runaway fugitive, plug-ugly Sprague, Peter will generate and manipulate radiation and radioactive energy, most notably as atomic energy, magnetic force pulses, or sheer heat and microwaves, he later loses this ability to his father.

    Superhuman strength and sturdiness, Alternate temperament - mimicked from Niki Sanders and her alternate temperament of Jessica Sanders, Peter is superhumanly robust and sturdy ready to punch through rock and stand up to being punched within the face by a fully grown man with no sick result, ready to wield and management super strength higher than the initial human. there's potential for him to manifest associate alternate (perhaps dark) temperament like Nikki, a glimpse of that has been shown. His father scarf this ability from, however he later absorbs it back from Mohinder Suresh.

    Intangibility/phasing - mimicked from D.L. Hawkins, Peter will become intangible to section through solid objects however has not reached the extent of mastery as D.L, he loses this ability to his father.

    Electrokinesis - mimicked from Elle, Peter will generate electricity and fireplace lightning bolts from his fingertips however has nonetheless to achieve the degree of fine management Elle has, however he later loses this ability to his father.

    Sound manipulation - whereas Peter was at bay in a very level unfortunate person Jesse potato, Peter used Jesse's ability to send theologizer flying back from killing H.R.G.

    Intuitive Aptitude - whereas Peter traveled four years into the long run he mimicked Sylar's ability to understand however things work, however additionally recieved a hunger wanting him to kill to search out out things, he later loses this ability and also the hunger to his father.

    Super Speed- mimicked From Daphne Millbrook within the future, He was ready to use a burst of speed to knock Claire out before she might react, he later loses this ability to his father, however later gains this ability from King of England.

    Cryokinesis - He mimicked this ability from histrion Strauss by accidently unaware of this new ability he freezes a wall of a fugitive transport plane inflicting it to shatter creating the plane crash.

    Pyrokinesis - He mimicked this ability from Flint Gordon. He first demonstrate this ability while checking on Sylar's house in Costa Verde, further, he never demonstrates this ability. His flames, similar to Flint, are blue flames, which is more hotter than usual flames.

    Terrakinesis - He mimicked this from Samuel Sullivan and uses this to battle Samuel himself

    Sylar's abilities: form Shifting


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