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Peter Klaptin grew up wanting to be a superhero and a star. After becoming famous musician, he decided make his other dream come true and designed a costume. He only got to wore the costume once and was easily defeated by Basher.

Disappointed of his failure he just walked the city streets where he was attacked by young thugs. He was saved by a man named Chris Robinson. Peter offered Chris a job as his bodyguard and also as a hero, Star, while he himself disappeared while Chris was fighting villains.

Major Story Arcs

Peter Fires Chris As The Star

Vicious Circle decided to uncover Star’s true identity so they kidnapped Peter Klaptin, he was taken to a warehouse and beaten. Chris showed up and saved him, but Peter fired Chris for revealing that he was not Star.

Pater Creates A New Star

Peter Klaptin attempted to pretend he was Star once more, this time with his limo-driver. He joined Freak Force, but was soon killed by Chelsea Nirvana.

Savage World

Peter's and Chris partnership didn't last long in this universe, since Chris ethnicity was reveled when he tore his costume. Peter fired Chris and donned the costume himself again. His first fight however didn't turn out to good when he went against possessed Dragon and was killed.


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