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Peter Hammerskold, it should be noted, is a soldier first, a telepsychometrist second. Exhibiting the gift of telepsychometry as a teen, Peter was a second lieutenant in the US Marine Corps when we 'acquired' him to become an agent for BEDLAM. Sadly, he was never quite able to leave his military inclinations behind.

Hammerskold has been a member of Red Team for almost five years now, Leader of that Group for two. He is an extremely efficient strategist and is gradually becoming more and more adapt at dealing with the inexplicable and the unknown. He uses a firm hand with his Team, but not to the point of cruelty or insensitivity. He cares for them but is reluctant to let that show. He is a good man.

Regrettably, however, Hammerskold carries a deep-seated bitterness regarding his continued placement in Red Team, believing, somehow, that Blue Group is the 'premiere' team. He has petitioned me repeatedly to be given command of Blue Team, feeling that the group would be much more effective in his charge. That I chose to appoint Arisa as Team Leader has only exacerbated Hammerskold's frustration in this matter.

Though he works well and conducts himself in a professional manner when Team missions coincide, his resentment is obvious. He is ever confrontational when dealing with Arisa and criticizes her every move.

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