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    Peter Löwenbräu Griffin, Sr is the lead character of the American animated show Family Guy. With Irish descent, Peter is obese, unintelligent and obnoxious. He lives in Quahog, Rhode Island and is married to Lois Pewterschmidt with three children, Chris, Stewie and Meg Griffin.

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    Peter is from Quahog, Rhode Island with a thick accent. He first appeared in the FOX series "Family Guy". His parents are Francis and Thelma Griffin, however his biological father is Mickey McFinnegan . Peter's adoptive father is a very religious man, often bothering Peter and his family in their sinful ways, whilst his biological father is a drunken village idiot from the beer stained streets of Ireland. Peter met Lois working as a pool boy. Lois' father rejected Peter as he was not a high enough class citizen to date his daughter.

    He worked as a toy assembly man in Happy-go-Lucky toy factory until Mr. Weed, the CEO, died from choking on a dinner roll while eating dinner at Peter's house. The plant was soon destroyed to make room for a tobacco company, in which Peter became the head of, and then he went out to be a spokesmen for the company. He gave up the position after his son, a highly intelligent, talking baby with dreams of global domination, Stewie became addicted to cigarettes.

    Peter once went under cover to stop a drug scandal at his outcast daughter, Meg's school. He pretended to be a new, hot-rod guy that got all the girls and was extremely popular. He managed to get the whole school to burst into song and dance, and got them to stop licking the toads that were giving the hallucinating effect. He later staged his own death. 

    In one of the newest episodes, he applies for medical tests after the mentally challenged horse he bought wreaked the local horse racing track.  Here he gets injected with the 'gay gene' which temporarily turns him gay.  The gene wore off when he was in the middle of sleeping with 10 other gay men.  

    In another episode, his father Francis dies during Meg's 17th birthday party when Peter accidentally fell on him. Guilt-ridden, Peter swears off drinking since he was drunk when his dad died. He then went to see a therapist where during a mental flashback discovered that Francis wasn't really his father. His mother then told him his real father is Flinty Mcfinigan, a peter look-a-like from Ireland who is also the town drunk which down there makes him the most popular townsman around. Flinty also rejects Peter as his son, but later accepts him as his own son after peter beats him in a drink-off. 


    Peter Griffin has been known to have a large number of jobs. Most of these are only shown in cutaway gags like being a nanny in which he falls on the two children he was hired to take care of, and in the comics a suicide hot line relief person in which he accidentally talks the girl into killing herself.  His first job that we know of was when he was working at the Happy Go Lucky Toy Factory. He lasted in this job for quite a while even after being fired many times for many reasons. He got laid off of this job after he invited his boss Mr. Weed to his house for dinner. Mr. Weed then choked on a dinner roll thus killing him, and during the reading of the will the building was torn down.At one time he was also a jouster at the local renaissance fair but soon quit. One of his longest jobs was when he was a fisherman with his boat "S.S. more powerful than Superman,Batman,Spiderman, and the Incredible Hulk put together.". He also had help from two Portuguese immigrants Santos and Pasquale. He ended this job after his boat was destroyed. He now works at the Pawtucket Brewery. He was demoted from being a beer inspector after he got drunk in a matter of minutes and now works forks for a mentally handicapped man named Opie. He now mostly does paperwork.


    Peter Griffin can be mean and kind of uneducated because the I.Q. test he took told him that he was under mentally retarded. He enjoys going to the Upmarket Tailors and farting in the suits. Most of his time he is watching TV. Peter is a big fan of the band, KISS. Whenever he starts a problem, he always wants to solve it, even though he usually ends up causing a bigger problem.  His mortal enemy is Ernie, a giant yellow chicken who once gave Peter a bad coupon.  Their meetings always result in an all-out rumble usually wreaking vast areas of Quahog. Peter always comes out on top, but the chicken always comes back angrier then ever. They apparently worked it out, but it unknown if this friendship will last.


    Peter Griffin as we all know is overweight, a very heavy drinker and always getting in painful accidents. In the show Peter always regains his health back from injuries.

    Peter has even been seen doing drugs I.E. Pot, Crack Cocaine, LSD, and Ecstasy. 


    Although it is shown sometimes to make very little money, he is able to afford his own zeplin which he called the Hinden Peter and a helicopter he named the Peter Copter. 


    Peter has been shown to have mixed relationships with 2 of his 3 kids. He normally comes out showing that he hates Meg such as in one gag when she says hi to him he shoots her. In one episode he is shown to get along very well with Stewie since they both enjoy seeing Lois in pain but this relationship has not gone farther than that. He is also shown to have a somewhat good relationship with Chris since both of them are idiots even though Chris said in one episode that Peter was the worst father ever. While he has been shown causing his children pain it is shown that he cares very deeply for them. In a recent episode when they though the world was ending, Peter told Lois that he hated the kids which they happened to hear. He later bought them a X Box 360 to make up for it.

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