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He was the son of a fire fighter, who was killed on the job. Pete has had this "vibe" with which he can tell when something bad is going to happen. In fact, the day of his father's death he had such of a bad feeling, but it didn't register until it was too late and his father was dead.
He worked at the secret service, protecting the president in Washington D.C. One night, he and an another agent, one Myka Bering, foiled an attack from a curator who was being controlled by a mystical Aztec artifact. After that successful event, he was transferred by unknown sources to Warehouse 13, which houses artifacts like the ones he faced that are  too dangerous for the public.


He was created for the tv show Warehouse 13 by writers Deric A. Hughes and Ben Raab. He is played by Eddie McClintock.
In addition to the normal tv show, he appeared a web video in which an artifact transports Myka, Claudia Donovan, Artie Nielsen, and himself into a comic book. This animation was really similar to an actual comic, and foreshadowed the coming Comic book appearences.
He and his team of Warehouse agents appeared in the world of actual comics in 2011 published by Dynamite Entertainment (which has a contract with the Sy Fi Channel to publish comics). He is written by the same writers as the show, so their control on the adaption of the characters are still strong.

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